Ryan Gosling – What is it with this dude?

I’m a girl, in my 30s, therefore I should like Ryan Gosling. And I do! But why?? I can’t quite figure it out. He’s not my type. I tend to go for brown hair & brown eyes and that “boy next door” pretty face. I’m not one of these girls who goes gaga over The Notebook (it made me gag a bit but I must admit that a passionate kiss in the rain would be awesome). It wasn’t until seeing Lars & The Real Girl that I started falling in love with Ryan Gosling (GREAT movie – highly recommend it!). Then came Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Wow. How sexy is Ryan Gosling in those movies? I don’t get it! What is it about this guy? And I kind of hate myself for liking a guy that every other girl seems to go for – I’m usually not that mainstream! 😉 At least I can say this – who, exactly, is Channing Tatum and where did he suddenly come from and why on earth should I find him sexy?? But back to Ryan Gosling – I just thought I should share a link that’s been around for a while now but I must admit I go back to every now & then:

Rub Ryan Gosling. Enjoy.

20121128-111909 PM.jpg

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