Take Shelter

Been wanting to watch this for a while. I’m obsessed with movies that are at ALL apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic in any way. These days it’s zombie movies that I especially love. Maybe there’s something wrong with me or I just really hate humanity – I think it actually started with that (admittedly awful) Night of the Comet movie I watched in 1984. Or possibly a bit earlier as I loved the original Twilight Zones from a VERY young age and a couple of my favorites were The Monsters are Due on Maple Street and the one where the neighbors all fight over the bomb shelter when they think the world is ending. So, anyway – Take Shelter was close enough to those things I love for me to check it out even though I KNEW it was actually a story about mental illness. But, dammit – some more actual storms would have been good!! 😉

Decent enough performances from all involved but nothing too stunning. I did like the parallels of mental illness/approaching storm. The pacing was a bit too slow at times (I found my mind wandering several times but that’s getting to be more of a problem in my old age plus I have a lot on my mind at the moment AND I was watching it while decorating the damn Xmas tree). 🙂 And I like the ending but I always love a good ambiguous ending that you KNOW people are going to fight about on websites like imdb. Seriously – I think I just like to see movie geeks get all worked up insisting that THEIR interpretation of a movie is the only correct one. 😉 What I love about those endings is that you can take them any way YOU choose to.

So, overall, Take Shelter was a decent enough movie exploring mental illness in a slightly more interesting way by using the symbolism of the storm and the shelter and blah blah blah. But I felt it was missing something. I don’t know what exactly but I was a little bored throughout it. The feel & pacing & exploration of the characters kept reminding me of the movie Another Earth, which I enjoyed much more and I felt did a better job of getting its point across (exploring human emotion as opposed to mental illness and the effects it has on the sufferer & those close to them). And a similar sort of ambiguous ending! Hey ho. 🙂

My Rating: 6.5/10

(And since I mentioned it, I’d probably give Another Earth a 7.5/10)

20121213-120107 AM.jpg

7 thoughts on “Take Shelter

  1. That’s too bad you felt that way, I personally loved this movie. Michael Shannon is so good at getting mad!
    “There’s a storm coming like nothing you’ve ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared for it!!”

    • I probably shouldn’t review a movie when I was only half paying attention to it! 🙂 Michael Shannon did do a decent job- I can’t say I’ve ever really noticed him in anything else before. I had to look him up and only really remember him from The Runaways (which I quite liked for some reason!). Will have to pay more attention the next time he’s in a movie I watch.

    • Definitely preferred Another Earth. Take Shelter was very good but I wasn’t in the right mood & have to admit I was only partly paying attention to it.

      Okay – I’m a little worried about all the shitty old embarrassing posts I have on here now! Lol. I should delete some of that crap. But thank you for really upping my blog views today. 🙂 I promise to reciprocate soon & comb through all your embarrassing old shit. 😉 Probably over the weekend when I have more free time!

      • That would be great – you can see how my style has changed a lot – and how now I use commas – LOL!!!

        I like reading people’s old shit and seeing how they’ve evolved. : )

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