My Top Disney Princess Movies

20121229-124330 PM.jpg

1. Sleeping Beauty
2. Beauty And The Beast
3. Cinderella
4. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
5. Tangled
6. The Princess And The Frog
7. Brave
8. Aladdin
9. The Little Mermaid
10. Mulan
11. Pocahontas

In order starting with my favorite. These are ranked according to how much I like the movie overall, not according to the best princess. That list may differ slightly but I’m a grown woman and not sad enough to do another list. (Belle would be first!). 😉 These are all the “official” princesses including Merida, who will soon also be officially added. Thanks to whoever photoshopped her into the picture I found online!

10 thoughts on “My Top Disney Princess Movies

    • Thanks! I think Sleeping Beauty is first mainly for the fairies – I especially love Merryweather! 🙂 And Maleficent is one of the coolest villains, too, which I suppose is why they’re making a movie from her perspective now.

  1. Surprised to see “The Little Mermaid” so far down that list. My wife would disapprove.

    Also, I think I’m just realizing that I’ve never seen “Sleeping Beauty”. Or the newer ones on that list. But I’m sure my daughter will have me remedy that as soon as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Little Mermaid” aren’t good enough to hold her attention anymore.

    • I don’t know why I don’t like The Little Mermaid as much as other women my age seem to – I think it was just part of those later Disney movies that didn’t have the magic of the older classics. Beauty and the Beast was perfect – it was a couple years after The Little Mermaid but has that timeless sort of feel that the older Disney movies have. I almost put The Princess and the Frog above Tangled because I do prefer the classic animation style that has. The Little Mermaid might be above Aladdin – I like Robin Williams but the jokes in that date that movie, making it less of a timeless classic. Yes, I like the word timeless. 🙂

      • I can see the argument that there’s nothing groundbreaking happening in Mermaid, and that Beauty and the Beast ups the quality notch above all the 80s stuff.

        Some, like my wife, think that The Little Mermaid breaks that chain.

        Regardless, I think it just depends on what you’re into. I ignored all things Disney until Aladdin, and then The Lion King absolutely blew me away, even though I was in my teens. I can appreciate a lot of the others, but they don’t hold any special link for me. Seeing how much my wife loves them, though, it’s easy to want my daughter to enjoy them too.

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