Bowie for bedtime

20130103-123738 AM.jpg

Trying to sleep and listening to Bowie. Yet again. Love Bowie! But he doesn’t seem to be helping me fall asleep as it’s quarter to 1:00…

To turn this into a movie post, I’ll add that I really liked his son’s movie Moon! 🙂

20130103-124037 AM.jpg

Source Code, not as much… It was okay.

20130103-124200 AM.jpg

“Go to sleep!”

20130103-124425 AM.jpg

5 thoughts on “Bowie for bedtime

  1. Moon is brilliant! And Clint Mansell’s soundtrack is too. If you listen very carefully to the end credits music you may just be able to hear Bowie’s voice way in the background singing “Awaay, awaay”.

    The Moon soundtrack is always nice relaxing music to settle down for bed to. 🙂

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m a huge Aronofsky fan and Requiem is an amazing (if harrowing) piece of work – although I’m in no rush to see it again! If you like Clint Mansell’s other soundtracks, you’ll probably like Moon. 🙂

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