Movie Haiku Challenge

Anyone interested in writing a movie haiku each week for a fun little competition? I can choose a movie to start with, people can all write a haiku about that movie, and then everyone can vote for the best one. The winner can then choose the next movie to be haikued (is that a word?!). Don’t think I have enough followers… And I do things like this when I’m having trouble sleeping so just ignore me if it’s a dumb idea – I had four hours of sleep. 🙂

But I’ll start it anyway with this one! Anyone want to do another one for this movie?:

Phone booth time travel
Bill and Ted save world with tunes
Dust in the wind dude

20130121-120311 PM.jpg

5 thoughts on “Movie Haiku Challenge

    • Most excellent! I love writing movie haikus – such quick & simple fun. 🙂 Feel free to choose another movie if you want – only two people have joined in on my haiku game. 😉 (Not including the hubby)

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