Only Ryan Gosling…

…would be able to pull off looking like a scumbag and still have me crushing on him. I mean, this is what the guys that I avoided in high school looked like! 😉 What is it with you, Ryan Gosling?! I just don’t get it! You sexy sexy man.

20130131-093521 PM.jpg
Nice but I slightly preferred Master Of Puppets. And I gotta say the Metallica fans at MY school looked nothing like Ryan! I might have hated high school less if they had… 😉

20130131-093601 PM.jpg

20130131-093708 PM.jpg
Only The Gosling could wear those stupid trousers.

20130131-093737 PM.jpg
Even hotter with a baby.

20130131-093859 PM.jpg
Smoking. Icky habit. But oh so sexy in THIS mouth.

For anyone who doesn’t actually know, these photos are from the movie The Place Beyond The Pines, which will be released in the UK on April 12th. I’ll watch it. But only because of Ryan.

Here’s an old favorite. Again – only The Gosling could look good in glasses.

20130131-094617 PM.jpg


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