The Greatest Movie Romance

20130202-112446 AM.jpg
Watching Up and, once again, I can’t make it through the beginning without losing it. Leave it up to Pixar to make something so beautiful. I honestly can’t think of a “live action” movie romance that I ever found as convincing as that between Carl & Ellie. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Greatest Movie Romance

  1. I can’t make it through the first ten minutes of this BEAUTIFUL movie without breaking down and crying like a baby. I can’t ever think of life without my wife.

  2. I was recommended to watch Up by a woman at work based on how cute Dug was, so I was not expecting the Ellie and Carl storyline at all. I don’t normally cry, but the floodgates were well and truly open. It’s not a kid’s film, it’s harrowing!

    • Very true. The rest of the film is very “kid” but I can’t say I really liked the rest of the film that much. It was all about the Carl & Ellie relationship for me. Beautiful. 🙂

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