IMDB Top 250 Challenge – Movie #9 – Sleuth

20130209-114924 PM.jpg
Sleuth (1972) – IMDB Rank #206

Watched 5/2/13

This movie was on TV recently so I was able to watch it as part of my IMDB challenge. Cool. Hoping to manage to watch a lot this way!

I knew nothing whatsoever about this movie. To be completely honest, I haven’t seen many Michael Caine movies, especially older ones. I think the only one I’d even seen before moving to the UK was Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! Anyway – I’m starting to like him more & more. I should really try to watch some of his older stuff. (Yes, I did watch The Italian Job soon after coming to the UK, at least).

There’s one thing that I got a little obsessed with soon after coming to the UK and that was a show I’d not heard of called Tales Of The Unexpected.

20130209-115055 PM.jpg
So… I’m very sorry to compare the two but I’m afraid that Sleuth REALLY felt like a long episode of Tales Of The Unexpected to me (albeit with way better acting). Sorry! But it really does have that sort of look & feel & story. I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, however – I loved finding out that England had a show that was a lot like my beloved Twilight Zone & Alfred Hitchcock TV shows that I’d grown up on.

I do think this movie is overrated & is 100% that way because of the actors who are in it (Michael Caine & Laurence Olivier). No, I’m not saying it’s “bad” but I really doubt it’s the 206th best movie of all time. It was quite a fun movie and the two of them were great together and who doesn’t like a bit of witty banter and mind games? All that was great. And of course it kept you guessing as to who was lying, who was telling the truth, and what was going to ultimately happen. It was all very good but I just feel like this sort of thing has been done so many times. (Don’t make me think of some examples – I’m too tired…) 😉 Anything done by Alfred Hitchcock for one, I suppose…

20130209-115231 PM.jpg
Aw, I feel like I’m trashing this movie! I’m not, really. Just think it’s not quite up there with some of the absolute classics in the IMDB Top 250 and of course I’m going to be comparing it in my mind to others on the list as it’s IN the list. I did really enjoy it and especially loved its 70s-ishness (I love the 70s!). And Olivier’s toys and automatons were freaking COOL and creepy. I want some! (but not in my house while I’m trying to sleep because I’d have nightmares)

My Rating: 7/10

20130209-115914 PM.jpg

20130209-115926 PM.jpg
Forgot to add that I got all excited when the line “jumped up pantry boy” was said in this movie and I was like “That’s in a Smiths song!” 😉

20130210-110036 AM.jpg
“A jumped-up pantry boy
who never knew his place
he said “return the ring”
he knows so much about these things
he knows so much about these things”

This Charming Man – one of their good songs. Because you have to admit that some are annoying!

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