The Ryan Gosling Project

Okay, I’ve just watched The Ides Of March (will do a review sometime soon). I’ll be honest – I watched it ONLY because Ryan Gosling is in it. I mean… it’s about politics. I hate politics! But I love Ryan Gosling. Oh yes I do.

So, anyway, I was thinking that I should watch every movie that Ryan Gosling has been in (not counting TV stuff). My IMDB Top 250 Movie Challenge is still my main focus but this can be my little side project (when I need a Gosling fix). πŸ˜‰ He’s not been around TOO long so it’s doable. And I don’t think I’ve loved any other actor as much as I love The Gosling (other than Johnny Depp starting back in his 21 Jump Street days but I’m finally getting over him these past few years!).

So here’s a list of Ryan Gosling movies that I’ve seen and not seen. Unfortunately, it does look like I’ve probably already seen all the best. And… Crap! Looks like I have to watch two football movies? Ugh! Worse than politics. πŸ˜›

Seen (in order from my favorite to least favorite. but all of these were good. well, except for The Notebook – that’s only that high for the rain scene if I’m going to be honest! the movie is a bit rubbish overall. only worth the watch for Ryan):

1. Lars And The Real Girl

20130306-104326 PM.jpg
2. Drive

20130306-104352 PM.jpg
3. Blue Valentine

20130306-104419 PM.jpg
4. Half Nelson

20130306-104446 PM.jpg
5. The Notebook

20130306-104717 PM.jpg
6. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

20130306-104812 PM.jpg
7. The Ides Of March

20130306-104840 PM.jpg

Not Seen (saw Murder By Numbers but it was so long ago I don’t remember it so will have to re-watch):

Frankenstein and Me
The Unbelievables
Remember the Titans
The Believer
Murder by Numbers
The Slaughter Rule
The United States of Leland
All Good Things
Gangster Squad
The Place Beyond the Pines (not out yet)
Only God Forgives (not out yet)

How many people are going to moan at Drive being number two? πŸ˜‰ I may change my mind on that – the top two are VERY close. Drive is cool, he’s sexy as hell in it, I love the jacket, and the soundtrack is awesome. But… it ruined Finding Nemo for me a little bit. Nemo’s dad is such a bastard! Lol!

Any recommendations on ones to start with from the not seen list? And can someone explain to me what it is about Ryan Gosling that makes him so sexy?! Because he’s not actually my usual “type”!

4 thoughts on “The Ryan Gosling Project

  1. Finally, someone else who thought The Notebook was rubbish. I had such high anticipation for it from the way people went on about it and then when I actually watched it it was so lame. I can totally see why you have Lars and The Real Girl right up there, it’s brilliant!

    • Yep! Girls are suckers for crap like The Notebook. I’m not one of those types of girls. (But, damn – the sex scene WAS hot. Gotta admit it. Lol!). πŸ˜‰ I did think the two of them had good chemistry & that part of the love story worked but the story overall was so contrived and just… I don’t know… Pukey and predictable!

  2. Oh, I love The Notebook. It was the first that introduced Mr. Gosling to me. And of course, I’ve loved him ever since. And I love the fact you have Ryan Gosling project. πŸ™‚ I’ve got mine with Jeremy Renner.
    I’ve seen Remember the Titans and given it 7/10 (IMDb), so it has been better than average. But I can’t really recall it… Murder by Numbers I’ve given 6/10, so I’ve liked it as well. And I remember it pretty well and Gosling is very good at it. I have also seen Fracture and I didn’t really like it. But then again, I prefer Crazy Stupid Love and The Notebook instead of Blue Valentine or Half Nelson.
    I have Stay and All Good Things as dvds, I should probably watch them.

    • Don’t think I’ve seen many Jeremy Renner movies, actually! I do love the love scenes in The Notebook. πŸ˜‰ Think the old couple aren’t as believable, though. Wow – I think you’re doing better on a Ryan Gosling Project than I am! πŸ˜‰

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