12 thoughts on “Alex Winter on Bill & Ted 3

  1. I love B & T – but I’m not sure this is such a great idea. Can’t we just remember these icons the way they were? Why do we have to keep revisiting them? I have the same problem with Fisher, Ford and Hamill reprising their SW roles. Let’s leave these characters the way we remember them – I mean, look what happened with Crystal Skull.

    Signed, Grumpy Bum.


    • Haha – Okay, I see your point. Not happy about Crystal Skull. 😉 Also didn’t love the Star Wars prequels and, yes, not sure about seeing my beloved Star Wars characters in a movie at their current ages. :-/ But I don’t have QUITE as much of a problem with sequels & prequels as I do with all the bloody remakes. Ugh! I hate those! Especially when the original one was good in the first place. I’m pretty good at just pretending bad sequels don’t exist – it doesn’t ruin a good movie for me TOO much. To be honest, the second Bill & Ted’s and Wayne’s World weren’t very good! I tend to forget about those two but I still love the first ones. 🙂

  2. I kind of think this might work though, because it’s discovering what happened to these 2 dudes who were meant to save the world. What would be fantastic is they end being like Jeff Bridge’s “dude.” Heck now if they could combine Bill & Ted 3 and The Big Lebowski’s characters, in some weird mish mash that truly would be excellent lol.

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