The Mayor Of Munchkinland

20130312-084135 PM.jpg
Is that Flavor Flav?!

Sorry! That’s what happens when you watch a documentary about rap (Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap) one night and The Wizard Of Oz the next…

Yeah, boy!

20130312-084739 PM.jpg

3 thoughts on “The Mayor Of Munchkinland

    • It was good. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s a big fan of rap. I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to rap, though. I’m more classic rock & indie & only like a bit of the good old school rap – I don’t know much beyond Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, etc. There were a lot of people I didn’t know in the documentary and it didn’t give me as much insight into rap as I was hoping. I’ll try to do a short review over the weekend but I’d say the documentary is aimed more at those who are already big rap fans.

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