Vinyl (2012) Review

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Vinyl is based on the 2004 true story hoax of Mike Peters, frontman for Welsh band The Alarm, hiring a young new band to lip-sync an Alarm song as the music industry has no interest in musicians past a certain age. They scored a minor hit with it so I guess he sort of proved a point about the youth-obsessed music industry. I’ve made it sound like a much more deep and meaningful movie than it actually is…

This movie stars Phil Daniels (of Quadrophenia – I should watch that all the way through sometime), Keith Allen (you know – Lily’s dad), and young hottie Jamie Blackley (for the younger girls as I’m old enough to be his mother).

I thought this movie was fine. A harmless bit of fluff. It did feel a bit like a made for TV movie, though, and maybe should have just been that. It’s far from Oscar-worthy but that doesn’t always matter. I was slightly entertained for 85 minutes and that’s good enough sometimes (depending on my mood). It was a bit like School Of Rock. But set in Wales. And, um, not near as good (I love School Of Rock).

Really could have been much better as the true story sounds fairly interesting. May have worked better as a documentary exploring our youth-obsessed culture? Or not. I’ve lost interest in typing now. Check it out just for Jamie Blackley, really.

My Rating: 5.5/10

Jamie Blackley:

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20130319-071607 PM.jpg

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