Movie Haiku

20130330-104526 AM.jpg

To rescue his love
Django and Schultz hunt bounty
The D is silent

Django Unchained (2012)

A while ago I posted a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure haiku and invited others to join in. Only got a couple of replies but figured I’d try again as I have so many movie haikus stored up (it’s an easy thing to do when you’re bored and can’t sleep). 😉 So if anyone would like to join in & add their own Django Unchained haiku that would be cool. Might try to make this a regular feature once a week (or maybe once a month – I’m not good with commitment!).

6 thoughts on “Movie Haiku

    • That’s a great one! 🙂 Thanks! Much deeper than mine. Was hoping a proper writer might add a haiku – mine are rubbish. Lol! I’m not good with words – I just focus on the right number of syllables and summing up the plot & maybe getting a quote from the movie in there. But they’re fun to write anyway so I’ll probably keep doing it. I might improve! 🙂

      • The haiku you wrote is similar to the haikus I like to post on Twitter. I call them “Television Haikus” and they just sum up whatever television program I happen to be watching when I’m in the mood to write. Sometimes they are simple and to the point. Sometimes I try to probe deeper. But I always enjoy writing them. You should definitely keep doing it!

  1. No haiku for me. It is a little late and I am not great at them. But I may try some other time.

    But I for one would love to see you share some more of these. I really like your Django one.

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