Disney Princess Concept Drawings

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I love these! I’m loving this blog: Technicolor Disney πŸ™‚

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Oh, and I of course once ranked the Disney Princess movies. Because I’m sad & have no life. πŸ˜‰ Here they are: My Top Disney Princess Movies

11 thoughts on “Disney Princess Concept Drawings

  1. Sadly I really don’t love Disney Princesses. I feel like the way Disney portrays female characters sends the wrong message to young girls.

    • I know people say that about the princesses sometimes but I think they’re okay as long as the parents make sure their daughters grow up with the right set of values and are well rounded and like all kinds of things other than just Disney Princesses. As long as they grow out of it by a certain age & don’t end up 30 years old and acting like divas & looking like Barbie threw up on them. πŸ˜‰

      I think things such as The Only Way Is Essex & Who Katie Did Next (& Jersey Shore & the Kardashians for the Americans) are waaaaaay worse for young girls. I see too many women happily letting their pre-teens watch these kinds of things and these are girls at a much more impressionable age in a way – that horrible time when you start doubting yourself & hating how you look. So I think it’s okay for the really young girls to like Disney Princesses & have a bit of innocent fun while they’re still full of wonder & imagination. I figure I grew up on all things Disney & I turned out (sort of) okay. I don’t even really like pink. πŸ˜‰

      Plus, the Disney Princesses of today are much different from the vapid old-fashioned ones (Sleeping Beauty may be my favorite princess movie but Aurora is SO dull). I always preferred Belle who was intelligent & had a bit of sass. And the most recent ones are very different from the old ones – Rapunzel is a fairly strong & independent character (considering she’d been locked in a tower for years). I’d say Tiana is a good role model – she works very hard to open her own restaurant. And Merida! Now there’s a strong-willed princess!

      Lol! Sorry. Didn’t mean to write an essay. I just like Disney! You should see me when I’m let loose in the Disney Store. But I do know what you’re getting at, Abbi. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, too many parents let their daughters think it’s okay to act like “princesses” their entire lives. :-/

      • You definitely make good points and I can be quite militant. I agree that the media in general and especially the treatment of women and what behaviour is considered normal by the media and society is very disturbing. I think it can be innocent fun but my fear is that we talk to girls in terms of their looks from when they are so tiny that it’s ingrained. The first thing anyone ever says about or to a little girl is look how pretty she is. I even find myself doing it. Disney princesses are a part of that. It’s a small part but it is a part.

        That’s my essay… but you have to bear in mind that I have an additional bit of bias because I’m not a Disney fan at all apart from some very limited exceptions. My work colleagues are convinced that I don’t have a soul.

      • Lol! It’s funny you say that because a guy I work with often says that he hates Bambi & I always tell him he has no soul. Okay – I can accept that a little bit but today he said he didn’t like Toy Story. Come on – please tell me you like Pixar?!? πŸ˜‰

        Apparently you can’t post photos in replies because I tried to end my last reply with a photo of the epitome of all that is wrong with society and how women are seen/portrayed today. But I can’t say who – it would be slander or something. πŸ˜› But OH how I hate her! Such a BAD example for young girls. But I know women my age who love her & who have teenage daughters and it scares me to think that these women aren’t explaining to their daughters that they should NOT be looking up to this person. Argh! *rant over. I should get some sleep!* πŸ™‚

      • I didn’t like Toy Story… Or Up… But I did like Finding Nemo and Despicable Me. So maybe I have a tiny, wee soul?

      • Thanks. You’re right, it didn’t show in my notifications.

        Couldn’t it be argued that Disney Princesses, despite the good looks, actually make for good role models?

        A number of them are shown to be strong, independent women who are often more intelligent than the lads and think, sing & fight as well as any of the boys.

        Not only that – they regularly rebel against male patriarchal social expectations and pursue their own agendas. They stand up for tgrmselves, fight for what they believe in and make all their own choices.

        Also; there is always a strong moral message in Disney Princess stories that, although quite classically American Christian and saccarine, are good messages to teach.

        I’m not saying that the focus on physical beauty is right, but it’s presence can make some of the deeper stuff they represent about feminism and modern femininity easier to swallow for the shallower audience – after all; bimbos or malicious alpha-girls these Disney princesses are not.

      • Yeah! What you said. That’s what I meant to say… πŸ˜‰

        I’ll always love the princesses, even if they’re a little too pretty. I figure it’s the same with “real life” actresses (or any female “celebrity”) anyway – they’re always expected to look perfect whereas it’s not as necessary for male actors. Which sucks but is the society we live in. :-/
        I still think a lot of the “real life” female “celebrities” today are far worse role models than the Disney Princesses. The majority of the princesses are strong individuals with the right set of values. But, yeah, they’re always beautiful. Pretty sure nothing will change that. :-/ But, then again – the Disney princes are ALWAYS handsome…

        (It sounds like you’ve watched a lot of Disney Princess movies??) πŸ˜‰

      • Guilty as charged!

        I’d say it’s because I’ve got a daughter but I always had a soft spot for Disney looooong before she came along. (Although since she arrived it’s in hyperdrive)

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