My Top Five Metallica Songs

20130426-062251 PM.jpg
In honor of Ryan Gosling’s Metallica – Ride The Lightning t-shirt in The Place Beyond The Pines (Good movie – read my review HERE), I thought I’d post my Top Five Metallica songs. I’d like to point out that I’ve mellowed out now. My metal days are over & I can’t say I’ve listened to Metallica much since about 1992. But I did love them at the time. Okay… I do admit that all of these are on my iPod so I may be fibbing a little.

1. Master Of Puppets
2. One
3. Fade To Black
4. Seek & Destroy
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Honorable Mentions:

The Thing That Should Not Be
For Whom The Bell Tolls

And I love these (more than some of those above) but figured they shouldn’t be in the top five as they’re covers:

The Small Hours
The Wait
Am I Evil?
Die, Die My Darling (yes I like the Misfits one)

Sexy Ryan Gosling rocking the metalhead look:

20130426-063721 PM.jpg
And in searching for the Ryan Gosling photo, I found this one. Ha! Ties in to my recent post about Disney Princesses, I guess. I’m digging Alice In Wonderland’s new look. I think all the Disney girls need to get themselves some tattoos & piercings.

20130426-070707 PM.jpg

13 thoughts on “My Top Five Metallica Songs

  1. I went to the gas station the other day and the guy inside was blasting The God That Failed. It was a refreshing change from soft jazz.

    • Hehe. Thanks. I ALMOST put in Enter Sandman. The Black album is the one I know the most by far as everyone in my high school listened to that one so much. So… I can’t like that album as much since it SO reminds me of high school. Yuck! High school sucked. 😉

    • One is awesome. The video was too. It should probably be my number one. I couldn’t really get into Load or Reload or anything since, though. :-/ Except The Day That Never Comes – that was sort of a return to old school Metallica. 🙂

  2. Hit the Lights!!!!!!!!
    Metal Militia!!!!!!!!

    I saw them live on their first tour, back in the days when they promised they would never make a music video. The good old days.

  3. Where the heck is “The Unforgiven”!? 🙂

    I also really like “The Day That Never Comes” as tablemutant mentioned. I know it has a totally different sound from most of their stuff, but I really like their slower stuff. I liked “Nothing Else Matters”, as well.

    • Okay – I’m starting to feel bad about not including anything from the Black album. I do like The Unforgiven. Plus the video was awesome! Nothing Else Matters & The Day That Never Comes are also good. I suppose the extremely radio-friendly Enter Sandman deserves a mention too. Okaaaaay – I might add one or two of these to my honorable mentions at some point! 😉

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