What kind of film would YOU make?

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I was hoping to get a discussion going with my fellow movie bloggers on what type of film you think you’d be making if you were a filmmaker. What sort of films do you see as “your” type of films – the ones that fit your personality? Or do you think you’d make movies that are very different from the way you actually are in real life?

I started this blog in November and still feel really silly posting “movie reviews” with NO knowledge whatsoever about filmmaking. I just like watching movies. (Plus, I’m a shitty writer so not sure what I was thinking! Lol). I know some bloggers are similar to me & just love watching movies but there are also a lot of you with so much knowledge about filmmaking. I love reading both kinds of movie blogs, though – it’s great seeing the different types of movie fans out there.

Anyway – I’ve always seen myself as a “Richard Linklater”. πŸ™‚ I’d love to make movies like Before Sunrise & Before Sunset but especially Dazed And Confused, which I think is brilliant. Those kinds of movies where people just talk a lot and not much actually happens but the conversations and characters are so entertaining that it doesn’t matter that not much happens. Kevin Smith is another example of this but I’d go much “nicer” and be far less vulgar (but I do like his movies). I’d never be a Michael Bay. πŸ˜‰

So… What kind of filmmaker would you like to be?

(I do have a thing for Linklater’s School Of Rock as well) πŸ™‚

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61 thoughts on “What kind of film would YOU make?

  1. I don’t like to go plugging my own poop on other Much Better Bloggers sites – but I wrote a treatment, and a half of a screenplay, for a movie before I got so bogged down with the script format that I’ve quit for almost four years now…… !!! : ( do you want a link or it’s on my site on the “MY MOVIE – RAISING HELL” page.

    Spoiler: it’s a 70’s horror send up. And Hard R.

      • You got it just imagine directing or producing a toy story like movie, that would be something that everyone would benchmark against to for a long time.

        Now that would be great.

      • My dream job is to work at Pixar. That place is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere there must really help – they produce masterpieces. Problem is that there’s absolutely nothing I’d be able to do for them. Lol. Well, I’d be happy just making them tea & coffee. πŸ™‚

      • I hear you, it would be an amazing experience.

        As far as working there or anywhere if is something you really really want and work hard for it you could some day do it.

        Studies found that getting in the company of your dreams even if it is only getting coffee to the guys who actually do the work there is 50% of the task the rest you can do once you’re there.

        Never let anyone tell you you are not capable to do something. πŸ™‚

  2. Well… OK… here you go : )


    A modern take on the old “Grindhouse” movies of the late 60s and 70s (that I grew up with). I got really bored and put out by the screenwriting process, so I’ve abandoned this for a couple of years. I actually have this set up for a trilogy if I can ever get myself motivated to finish it….

  3. I’ll randomly have ideas for movies floating around in my head, and the last one was a horror. Basically, something like The Machinist. Not the actual plot, but the general idea of a man experiencing something horrific and you’re (the viewer) not sure what’s actually going on. Reality vs. mental delusions, that kind of thing. It’ll never happen unless someone pays me to sit at a keyboard for 3 months straight. Also, as Eric pointed out, the script format is obnoxious to figure out, at least at the start.

    • That would be cool – I like that sort of story. Just watched The Machinist recently, actually. But I know my brain can’t come up with interesting stories like that. I wish it could! That’s why I think I’d be doing the movies where people just sit around & talk. πŸ˜‰ Wish I could say I knew anything about script writing but I don’t have a clue and it’s too late to start! Next life maybe. πŸ™‚

  4. I would love to do something like David O. Russell or Alexander Payne. They are unbelievably great directing actors. And I love their movies. So a bit of a same way that you, I prefer great script with great actors. But I do have to admit I enjoy massively those huge summer blockbusters like Marvel series. So, I’d like to try to do them too, if given a chance. But only if there would be script like The Avengers, witty and greatly paced. And I’ve been wondering if making a horror flicks is more fun than anything else because everybody seems to be making them at first?

    • Good choices – It would be great to make something like David O Russell or Alexander Payne. Don’t think I’d be able to quite manage it, though! I’d definitely have to be more lightweight & do the Richard Linklater/John Hughes type stuff. And I do love big blockbusters too! If I could be a director, I think directing that sort of thing would be a blast – just don’t think I’d be able to write a blockbuster. I suppose I was thinking more of writing a movie than directing one. Not that I’ll ever do either! Lol πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve written a slew of screenplays from many genres: horror, thriller, drama, romance, comedy, rom-com; I like stories that examine the human condition – and ones that usually have a message that is often buried in subtleties.

    • Oh man – you’re all making me feel bad – I’ve not written a thing in my life & wouldn’t know where to begin! πŸ˜‰ Stories that examine the human condition are good. Does Dawn of the Dead count?! Lol. Not very subtle I suppose… I’d love to do a zombie movie but there’s no topping Romero plus the zombie thing has been done too much now. Have you taken classes on writing screenplays?

      • You shouldn’t feel bad for not writing anything; you’re probably just not a writer, which means you’re something else, and whatever it is that you are is what you should be doing! I am sure there’s stuff you do that most others don’t do. Kobe Bryant was designed to play basketball. I wasn’t. I can’t look at others’ talents and feel bad b/c I haven’t done what they have; I just have to look at myself and learn my design and who God has created me to be personally, and then follow through with that and give that the best shot I can. I learned in 2006 writing was who I am, and so now screenwriting is what I am pursuing. So everyone should find their passion and pursue that vehemently! πŸ™‚

  6. Dazed and Confused… so much love! I have never written a screen play but I have written two (absolutely terrible) novels. I’m not sure if I’d make a similar movie to the other stuff I write. Anyway… after that rambling trip to nowhere, I guess I’s make a John Hughes style teen movie.

    • Again – you’re all making me feel bad – everyone here has written something! πŸ™‚ That’s cool – wish I could say I’ve done the same. Oh hell yeah – John Hughes is SO totally ME. I could see writing a Breakfast Club but I’d never manage funny stuff like Weird Science. Because I’m not funny. Plus, I’m not a writer. So… Kind of silly bringing the topic up! Lol. But, yeah – if I had any talent I’m sure I’d aim for the more intelligent end of the teen & twenty-something movie market.

    • Oh hell yeah – you gotta get Yahoo Serious in there! Pretty sure he’s not busy doing anything else. Um, if he’s still alive, that is. Get Pauly Shore in there too. And Corey Haim! Oh, wait… Guess it’ll have to be Feldman…

  7. Mafia story, I have started writing it, along with a horror one, but I feel it will never be good enough to leave my computer. Im writing it for me I reckon πŸ™‚

    • That’s great! πŸ™‚ I sometimes think I’d like to write something but then I think “what’s the point?”. But I think it’s worth doing if you enjoy it, even if you don’t end up sharing it with anyone. (But I’m sure your many followers would love reading anything that you wrote!). πŸ™‚

  8. I have a series of five or six throwback hicksploitation drive-in horror movies in my head, but just the bare-bones premises. I will have to get someone else to write the screenplays. And then find a grindhouse or drive-in that will show them after they are made. No biggie.

  9. I’m admittedly not a movie blogger in the slightest, nor do I have an extensive knowledge of movies in general, but if I were to somehow make a film, it would probably end up being some sort of absurd comedy type thing. I love comedy, and absurd, silly, Monty Python-esque humor is definitely my type of humor. And it would star Jim Parsons, because he’s my favorite actor! While I’m at it, Eric Idle can make a surprise cameo! If I could somehow combine the humor of The Big Bang Theory and the hilarity of Monty Python into one movie, THAT would be my ideal movie!
    Man, I really this imaginary film of mine actually existed… πŸ™‚

    • Well I’d certainly watch it if you made something Monty Python-esque! πŸ™‚ Nothing since has been anything like the Monty Python stuff – I haven’t found anything very funny in years.

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