Danny Boyle Says We’re In Danger of Losing Adult Movies Due to “The Pixarification of Movies”

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Okay. I love movies. All kinds of different movies. Two of my least favorite movies I’ve watched in the last month were Danny Boyle films: Trance & Slumdog Millionaire. So, anyway, here he is trashing Pixar & *gasp* Star Wars.

Lol! It’s not actually as bad as it sounds if you watch the video. He says Pixar & Star Wars ARE good. But “family” films. Well, I’ll take Nemo over Rosario Dawson’s vagina any day! (Wait – not sure that sounded right…)

Link to Danny Boyle video: SlashFilm

14 thoughts on “Danny Boyle Says We’re In Danger of Losing Adult Movies Due to “The Pixarification of Movies”

  1. I love Pixar!
    I think he just needs to get off his high horse a little xD haha There’ll always be a balance of ‘family films’ and ‘adult films’ as long as there’s a call for both, which there most likely always will be.
    Perhaps he’s just a bit jealous that Pixar does better than his films xD

    • Yeah – I think sometimes you have to put your “snobby” ideas aside & just enjoy a nice family movie. Especially Pixar, who make truly amazing films and ones that are much more worthy than a lot of non-animated films these days. I can’t believe some of the rubbish “adult” films that are being made. And has he never seen a Tarantino film? There’s no Pixarification going on there. 🙂

  2. At least the family films we get nowadays can stand alongside the adult films in terms of the acting, direction and screenplays (if not the complexity of the “adult” films)!

    • Definitely! I don’t think he can really complain about family films like the Pixar stuff. There are still dodgy ones out there starring the likes of Jim Carrey & Adam Sandler but Pixar makes up for those.

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