See the Cast of Labyrinth Then and Now

Labyrinth. Awesome. See the following photos & more here: ScreenCrush

20130511-021002 AM.jpg

20130511-021014 AM.jpg

20130511-021026 AM.jpg
Had to post this because I have a thing for David Bowie. And these trousers:

20130511-021234 AM.jpg
Um. Yeah. Where was I? Okay – here are My Top Ten David Bowie Songs

20130511-021707 AM.jpg

10 thoughts on “See the Cast of Labyrinth Then and Now

    • Thanks for the reblog. Um, yeah – he’s not such a cute baby anymore! 😉 But Jennifer Connelly still looks alright. And Bowie has always had that creepy/sexy thing going on. Oh – but maybe I shouldn’t say that if he looks like your dad. Lol!

    • Sorry – I tried posting on your blog but it wouldn’t let me comment on the Bowie post… That’s amazing that you got to see him as the Elephant Man! I can very much picture him in that role. Yes, it strikes me that he probably could really identify with him. The movie was of course excellent as well. Great post! 🙂

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