See the Cast of Labyrinth Then and Now

Labyrinth. Awesome. See the following photos & more here: ScreenCrush

20130511-021002 AM.jpg

20130511-021014 AM.jpg

20130511-021026 AM.jpg
Had to post this because I have a thing for David Bowie. And these trousers:

20130511-021234 AM.jpg
Um. Yeah. Where was I? Okay – here are My Top Ten David Bowie Songs

20130511-021707 AM.jpg

10 thoughts on “See the Cast of Labyrinth Then and Now

    • Thanks for the reblog. Um, yeah – he’s not such a cute baby anymore! πŸ˜‰ But Jennifer Connelly still looks alright. And Bowie has always had that creepy/sexy thing going on. Oh – but maybe I shouldn’t say that if he looks like your dad. Lol!

    • Sorry – I tried posting on your blog but it wouldn’t let me comment on the Bowie post… That’s amazing that you got to see him as the Elephant Man! I can very much picture him in that role. Yes, it strikes me that he probably could really identify with him. The movie was of course excellent as well. Great post! πŸ™‚

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