This Week’s Movie Quote

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Ted: I met a girl; she’s a cashier.
John: No way! That’s awesome! We should fuckin’ double date or something, you, me and Lori and w-what’s her name?
Ted: White trash name. Guess.
John: Mandy.
Ted: Nope.
John: Marilyn.
Ted: Nope.
John: Brittany?
Ted: Nope.
John: Tiffany.
Ted: Nope.
John: Candace.
Ted: Nope.
John: Don’t fuck with me on this! I know this shit!
Ted: Do you see me fuckin’ with you? I’m completely serious.
John: Alright, speed round. I’m gonna rattle off some names, and when I hit it, you fuckin’ buzz it, okay? You got me?
Ted: You do it. I will tell you. Yeah.
John: Alright: Brandy, Heather, Channing, Brianna, Amber, Serena, Melody, Dakota, Sierra, Bambi, Crystal, Samantha, Autumn, Ruby, Taylor, Tara, Tammy, Lauren, Charlene, Chantelle, Courtney, Misty, Jenny, Krista, Mindy, Noel, Shelby, Trina, Reba, Cassandra, Nikki, Kelsey, Shawna, Jolene, Urleen, Claudia, Savannah, Casey, Dolly, Kendra, Kylie, Chloe, Devon, Emmalou, fuckin’ Becky?
Ted: No.
John: Wait; was it any of those names with a “Lynn” after it?
Ted: Yes.
John: Oh, I got you, motherfucker! I got you!
John: Okay. Brandi-Lynn, Heather-Lynn…
Ted: Tami-Lynn.
John: Fuck!

Ted (2012)

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