Movie Haiku: Heathers

20130603-095223 PM.jpg

*Spoiler(ish?)* But anyone who knows of Heathers knows the plot. One of my favorite movies. Classic. πŸ™‚

High school outcasts
Slater and Winona kill
Popular Heathers

Heathers (1988)

7 thoughts on “Movie Haiku: Heathers

    • Hehe. Awesome! I’m always wanting people to add their own haikus but have only had a few people do it.

      And I miss 80s fashion. Especially the big hair! Maybe not the shoulder pads, though…

      • LOL no, that’s just how it was used by dudes where I live. There s another saying about balls and taints, but I’ve never needed to use that version..

    • Ha! That’s great! I wish everyone would add a Heathers haiku. πŸ™‚ Yep, Christian Slater really did want to be Jack Nicholson. But that’s okay – I still loved him.

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