The Insane Destruction That The Final “Man Of Steel” Battle Would Do To NYC, By The Numbers

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This is an excellent article. One of the many problems I had with Man Of Steel was not only the ridiculously over the top battle that went on forever at the end but the ridiculously high death toll that occurs. And we’re supposed to care about human life as much as Superman apparently does when the movie itself treats thousands of deaths of unknown people so casually. (But don’t worry – characters we’re very briefly introduced to survive. Oh, and a dog. So all is okay with the world…) 😉

The following is from this article: BuzzFeed – But click on it to read the entire thing. It’s a great article.

In a study done exclusively for BuzzFeed, scientist and longtime disaster expert Charles Watson worked with his team at Watson Technical Consulting to model and anticipate the damage done to Metropolis, both in the form of human casualties and monetary cost. They ran analyses of the World Engine ground zero in Central Manhattan and central Chicago, finding that the major damage would be a mile in diameter.

WTC estimates that, in the days after the attack, the known damage would already be stunning: 129,000 known killed, over 250,000 missing (most of whom would have also died), and nearly a million injured.

The impact, WTC writes, “seemed to be similar to an air burst from a 20kt nuclear explosion in terms of shock effects, but without the radiation or thermal effects.”

In terms of the strictly physical damage done to the city, the initial estimate is $700 billion. To put that in context, 9/11’s physical damage cost $55 billion, with a further economic impact of $123 billion.

Overall, WTC estimates that the damage would be $2 trillion.

They then deliver their report “in the form of an editorial written by The Daily Planet’s Perry White, who is played in Man of Steel by Laurence Fishburne.”

Fascinating. Seriously – check out the whole article… BuzzFeed

17 thoughts on “The Insane Destruction That The Final “Man Of Steel” Battle Would Do To NYC, By The Numbers

  1. Jesus, that’s insane. I think this is a problem most super hero/comic book/etc. movies run into. They need to show some awesome spectacles, but they’re (some, not all) also required to have some kind of moral grounding. I’d argue that, at least in the case of The Avengers and Man of Steel, the bad guys bring the fight to the city, and the heroes have to do the best they can to contain the damage. But $2 trillion. Holy shit.

    • Yep. It was totally over the top. Man – I’m so disappointed with the whole ending of Man Of Steel! Really ruined the whole thing for me. I know these movies all have death & destruction but it didn’t really seem to fit a Superman movie. You know – symbol of hope and all that…

      • Well, from a story standpoint, I think you’ll get a lot more of that in the next one. Man of Steel was really more concerned with Clark coming to terms with what he is. Now that he’s been tested, I think he’ll stand a much better chance of stopping such widespread destruction. As far as straight up action goes, I thought the fight with Zod’s subordinates was much better than the actual one with Zod.

  2. wow. mind’s official status: _____________ *short-circuited*

    although, isn’t Zod’s fate justifiable of all this…?? haha this comment could start a controversy.

  3. LOL. That’s pretty funny. “Superman saved the day!” – someone from the smoldering wreckage who’s about to lose their job due to the economic impact and who will probably wind up with cancer due to the fallout/impure air, etc… 🙄

  4. omg. this article really go the point right.

    I finally just saw Man of Steel today and was so disappointed with all the death and destruction. Was too much for a superman movie 😦

    I hoped that since Nolan was involved the would delve deep into the whole father-son-father-son aspect, but they only touched on it lightly

    • Yep. I was SO disappointed with Man Of Steel. Really didn’t give it a very nice review. :-/ Started out promising but then became such a mess. I think I like it less and less as time goes by…

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