Remake Alert! DAY OF THE DEAD

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The following is from this link: GeekTyrant

Texas Chainsaw 3D producers Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell have picked up the rights to George Romero‘s zombie film, Day of the Dead, and they are going to remake it.

Yeah. That’s all I need to know. Click the link if you want to read the whole thing.

Piss off! Piss off, Hollywood, with all your damn remakes. Piss OFF. Leave Romero alone. Go make some inferior zombie movie of your own, dammit – can you not come up with an original idea?!?!?

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Remake Alert! DAY OF THE DEAD

    • Unfortunately, I was just reminded of that. 😉 Completely forgot there was another movie with the Day of the Dead name in 2008. Looked terrible. I never saw it – don’t think many people did. Looks like this new one could be a bigger thing released in cinemas and everything – let’s hope it goes straight to DVD and no one watches it!

  1. The previous DayOD remake was a horrible piece of shit. I mean, wipe your butt with your non dominant hand terrible. Misery.

    Zach Synder’s Dawn of the Dead was pretty wicked.

    Hopefully something good comes of this.

    If not – these guys can go fuck themselves.

    • Oh man – I totally forgot there was another “Day of the Dead” movie. That looked awful! That Mena Suvari thing? Didn’t even sound like the same story – was it? Why did they have to use the Day of the Dead name? Stupid fuckers.

      Yeah – I shouldn’t rant too much as I love the Dawn of the Dead remake! Which rarely happens. Especially as the original is one of my all-time favorite movies. But I saw that as a “re-imagining”. 😉 Different enough to not taint (sorry) the original but was still respectful to it.

      • No – it was fucking terrible and had nothing at all to do with anything about the original. And it had JUMPING zombies. And zombies that crawled on ceilings. It was TERRIBLE.

    • Ha! I thought of the Britney thing as I typed Leave Romero Alone. People can pick on her all they want, though!

      I agree – I loved the Dawn of the Dead remake. Extremely rare for a remake to not suck!

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