Pacific Rim (2013) Review

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Pacific Rim

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

Charlie Hunnam
Idris Elba
Rinko Kikuchi
Charlie Day
Robert Kazinsky
Max Martini
Ron Perlman
Burn Gorman
Clifton Collins Jr

Running time: 132 minutes

Plot Synopsis (via Wikipedia):

The film is set in the 2020s, when Earth is under attack by Kaiju, colossal monsters which have emerged from a portal on the ocean floor. To combat the monsters, humanity unites to create the Jaegers: gigantic humanoid mecha, each controlled by two pilots whose minds are joined by a neural bridge.

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My Opinion:

THIS is what I expect of a summer blockbuster. There are cool monsters (they even GLOW!), big funky robots, lots & lots of action, characters who are clichΓ© as hell including generically attractive leads, and a story that’s totally predictable every step of the way. Turn off your brain, munch your popcorn, and just have fun. I really enjoyed this film as I got exactly what I was expecting.

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This movie is all about the action so I’m not going to go into any of that. All of that is really good and thoroughly entertaining. Instead, I’ll discuss the characters in the film a little bit.

20130718-093545 PM.jpg
There aren’t going to be any Oscars handed out to anyone in this. But who cares? The main guy, Charlie Hunnam, really can’t get any more generically attractive. The good news is that he takes his shirt off a couple of times. The bad news is that those couple of shirtless moments are fairly brief and he’s otherwise always fully clothed. His storyline starts out OH SO PREDICTABLE and ends that way as well. As does the storyline of, well, absolutely everyone in this. Again, though – who cares? We’re all going to this to see monsters & robots! πŸ™‚

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20130718-093625 PM.jpg
The other characters of note are:

– Idris Elba as the dude in charge of the Jaegers & their pilots. He was just right for the role and probably put in the most effort acting-wise.

– Rinko Kikuchi as “the girl”. Another very predictable storyline here but it was a decent enough story. And we see her as a little girl too and she’s adorable.

– The scientists (Charlie Day & Burn Gorman). You’ll probably love these guys or you’ll hate them. Predictably quirky & nerdy – they’re always competing with each other in trying to figure out the best way to save the world from the Kaiju. They’re the “comic relief” but you’ll probably be rolling your eyes at some of their antics.

– The other Jaeger pilots. There are a few other “teams” but the one focused on the most is a father & son (the son is the generically attractive “prick” these types of blockbusters call for). Again – their storyline is predictable but I liked it fine.

– Ron Perlman as the “lunatic”. I think his role is meant to be a bit of a surprise so I won’t say exactly who he is but he’ll be a favorite character, I would think, for anyone who is a Ron Perlman fan. He’s also in it to provide a bit of comic relief but I really couldn’t decide if I liked his character or not. It felt a bit too silly to me.

20130718-093655 PM.jpg

I know I’ve not said much about this film but there’s really no point. You won’t exactly increase your IQ by watching it but you WILL enjoy yourself. This movie does exactly what it sets out to do: keeps you entertained without requiring you to put much effort into “thinking”. And that’s fine when you’re expecting it – I have no issue with the braindead action in this whereas in something like Man Of Steel it annoyed me as I expected a film like that to be a little “smarter” and not have SUCH excessive action for such a large chunk of the film. And while I didn’t expect anything other than the clichΓ© characters and predictable storylines, it does keep Pacific Rim from becoming something MORE than just “this year’s” big summer blockbuster. Plenty of other past summer blockbusters are now what I’d consider all-time favorites and, unfortunately, I don’t think Pacific Rim quite manages to make itself an all-time classic in this category. But I do recommend it, especially on a nice big cinema screen.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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Scene after credits?: Yes, there is a scene partway through the credits that you’ll probably want to stay for. There’s not a scene after the credits but there is a dedication to Ray Harryhausen & Ishiro Honda and the sound of a Kaiju roar.

Also, there has been talk of a Pacific Rim sequel! SPOILER if you haven’t yet seen the film:

The sequel, Pacific Rim 2: Electric Boogaloo, will focus on the Kaiju and the dance show they organize in an attempt to raise enough money for a new portal.

28 thoughts on “Pacific Rim (2013) Review

  1. Great post!!! I too enjoyed myself a lot in this film, and it seems you and I are on the same page regarding the quality/predictability of the script-writing here. Still, just enough to get by and the action, like you said, was just crazy and good. BTW, I really hope that last bit about the sequel is a joke — lol “Pacific Rim 2: Electric Boogaloo” ?? Oh boy.

  2. Totally agree with you. The sequel should just be robots fighting monsters, no family drama or ‘hilarious’ scientists. And have more fights in cities. None of this fighting under water malarkey

  3. Absolutely agree with you 100% on this table9 – except for the name of the sequel. A bit flowery perhaps? How ’bout something a bit more manly, I was thinking maybe something along the lines of – Pacific Rim 2: Rim Harder


    • You know, I managed to get through that whole review without any jokes about the iffy title! I was proud of myself.

      So… The series of films will be Rim Hard With A Vengeance, Rim Free Or Rim Hard, and A Good Day To Rim Hard? Right?? πŸ˜‰

      How about Bond films? You Only Rim Twice? Rim Another Day? Rimfinger? Yikes. I’ll stop there…

  4. Spot on review. It had everything I wanted from it – big things hitting each other and smashing shit up. The dialogue was incredibly cheesy, which did grate on me a little and the two scientists were also a little irritating, but those are minor criticisms, I thought it was great!

    • True – I certainly didn’t care about what happened to anyone. It’s unfortunate – I know I’ll barely remember this film in a year. Believe me, I definitely prefer when they manage to have good characters and a good script as well. πŸ™‚ For some reason I kept thinking of Aliens – also full of some extremely cliche characters and iffy dialogue but, for whatever reason, that movie just works and is a million times better than Pacific Rim. I don’t know – they just can’t make really great blockbusters anymore!

    • Hehe. That’s what I’ve heard. But I’m really rubbish with accents so I didn’t notice. I mean, I think Dick Van Dyke’s accent is good in Mary Poppins. πŸ˜‰ Is Hunnam English doing American? I don’t even know! You would think I’d be better at this being an American living in England…

      • He’s English doing American.

        He’s adopted a bit of a weird American twang though since he moved over there, but he was original from the North East, where one of the most distinctive regional accents of the UK come from.

      • Well, I can MOSTLY tell the difference between “Northern” & “Southern” accents in the UK at least. πŸ˜‰ Amazing how such a small country has so many different accents!

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