My Top Stanley Kubrick Movies

In honor of what would have been Stanley Kubrick’s birthday today, I figured I’d rank his films. Oh dear – I’ve seen less than I realized! Shameful! So I’ll rank what I’ve seen from least favorite to favorite:

**I’ve seen some more! List updated July 2019**

9. Eyes Wide Shut
8. Lolita (but I barely remember it)
7. The Killing
6. Paths Of Glory

Top Five:

5. Full Metal Jacket

4. A Clockwork Orange
20130726-082803 PM.jpg

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2. Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

1. The Shining
20130726-082651 PM.jpg

LOVE The Shining… šŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “My Top Stanley Kubrick Movies

  1. Kubrick is one of the very few directors where every film is a top one – not a bad, or even average one among them! Revisiting his earliest works like Fear & Desire, Killers Kiss and The Killing further proved this.
    So well done picking a top 6!

  2. The Shining is incredible. My friends and I got into a conversation about which classic movies we would like to see in 3D and I said The Shining. They looked at me as if I was slightly unhinged.

  3. I’ve seen Barry Lyndon as well, though I only remember it being very long. Plus I haven’t rated it at IMDb, so it must been a long time since I’ve watched it. But Clockwork Orange is one of my all-time favourite films, my all-time favourite scene might be the one where he’s cured.

  4. Odyssey is more than a movie ! But after seeing documentary on the Shining (the new one about interpretations) I started to value it even more, not sure if it’s his best still

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