Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz & The World’s End (Cornetto Trilogy Review)

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1. Shaun of the Dead

The first and still the best. I don’t have a lot of history with Simon Pegg & Co. I watched Shaun of the Dead in the cinema when it came out and it was my first experience with them. And I thought it was pretty good! I’m a HUGE fan of Romero’s zombie films (especially Dawn of the Dead) so a zombie comedy spoof was something I was more than happy to watch. As I watched The World’s End and Hot Fuzz for the first time last week, I thought it was time to re-watch Shaun as well & review all three.

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I appreciate Shaun of the Dead more after this second viewing. I think it starts out VERY strong. I like how it takes a while to actually get to the zombies while they take time setting up the characters (these days not many people have the patience to wait that long for the “action”). The two morning walks where the first morning is normal and the second one is clearly not yet Shaun is completely oblivious to all the zombies lurking about is brilliant and probably my favorite bit of the film. This is closely followed by the other best bit of the film where Shaun & Ed discover zombies in the back garden and proceed to defend themselves with some vinyl records (but not the REALLY good ones…).

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Shaun & Ed are of course great characters and Shaun’s girlfriend is fine. I also really liked Shaun’s mother & stepfather but I found Shaun’s girlfriend’s friends slightly annoying. And while the film starts out brilliantly, I do think it loses steam once Shaun & Ed are joined by these friends. I feel this way about all three films, actually. I kind of feel like Shaun of the Dead (and the rest) isn’t sure how it should end. Then it just… Does. Not a horrible ending or anything but just a bit of a let down after such a strong beginning. But still a great movie for its genre.

My Rating: 8/10

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2. Hot Fuzz

My least favorite of the three. Not saying I didn’t like it, though – it’s very close between this & The World’s End.

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I actually knew next to nothing about Hot Fuzz. I thought it was JUST a buddy cop movie spoof. But it actually ended up being more than that and I liked it better than the film I was expecting to see. I’m not a fan of the “buddy cop movies” that it does spoof (well, other than Point Break. I love Point Break!). So I wasn’t going to go for this one as much as Shaun Of The Dead.

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I didn’t buy into Pegg’s or Frost’s characters as much in Fuzz as in Shaun. And while there were some funny moments, nothing really compared to the funny moments in Shaun. I liked the story, though. I don’t know if this is a spoiler but I liked that Fuzz suddenly sort of went all Wicker Man on our asses. Hell, Edward Woodward was even in it! That was fine by me – The Wicker Man is a classic. So, again – not at all the movie I was expecting but that was a good thing in this case. However, I always enjoy a movie more when I feel they’ve done a really good job setting up the characters and I like them or maybe even identify with them in some way. Shaun is superior on story but also far superior when it comes to the characters.

My Rating: 7/10

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3. The World’s End

I actually saw this and then immediately watched Hot Fuzz when I got home from the cinema. Although Hot Fuzz is third for me, it’s probably actually a much better “film” than this one. I know it’s not out for ages in America (ha!) but I can see this one dividing people much more than the other two films. Not entirely sure but that’s kind of the impression I get from those in the UK who have seen it so far. I think it’s not going to be for everyone.

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So why did I like it more than Hot Fuzz? Well first of all – the genre, like zombie movies, is much more my kind of thing. I love sci-fi. And apocalyptic! Oh I love apocalyptic! (What’s with so much of that this year? You’ll have to check if The World’s End makes my list of My Top Ten Apocalyptic Movies HERE). πŸ™‚ Secondly, as with Shaun, I think the characters are much stronger than they were in Hot Fuzz. Although this time, not necessarily “likeable”. Finally, because of my age, I was able to identify with some of the themes in The World’s End unlike in Fuzz (mainly the fear of getting older and wanting to relive the past but knowing deep down that none of us can). So, that’s why I prefer The World’s End. Oh, and decent music as well. Although nothing tops Grandmaster Flash in Shaun. πŸ™‚

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The World’s End suffers the most of the three in “not knowing how to end”, I think. That’s the bit that will probably most divide people. As for supporting characters (so, other than Pegg’s & Frost’s), I think they’re actually the strongest in The World’s End. I really liked the different personalities of the friends in this one (which helped to make up for the two lead characters being a bit weaker & less likeable than in Shaun). I can see people not liking Pegg’s character in this one but I could really feel for him & what he was going through so I found him to be a good strong character. There’s not much more I can say about this as I try to keep my reviews spoiler-free plot-wise. I did quite enjoy The World’s End although I think it’s definitely flawed. I look forward to seeing what people in the US think of it once it’s out there.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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Quote from my hubby on the Cornetto Trilogy:

“I can’t believe they got away with making the same bloody film three times”.

(To be honest, that IS a very accurate summary. Much more concise and to the point than my three reviews.) πŸ˜‰

Recap for those who don’t actually read my reviews & just scroll to the ratings:

Shaun Of The Dead: 8/10
Hot Fuzz: 7/10
The World’s End: 7.5/10

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57 thoughts on “Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz & The World’s End (Cornetto Trilogy Review)

  1. Nice post and reviews πŸ™‚ couldn’t agree more with your order either, Shaun Of the Dead is something special “It’s okay I ran it under a tap” – Just makes me laugh every time πŸ™‚ keep up the good work!

  2. Well done! I’m so looking forward to The World’s End (that probably didn’t come out right…) If it doesn’t quite rank with Shaun of the Dead, well, that’s okay, not many movies do. Only three more weeks until we in the States get our hands on it!

  3. Out August 23rd in Canada I believe, nice to get a sneak peek here!
    My thought was these are like Guy Ritchie movies. From my experience, people that saw Lock Stock first prefer it, people that saw Snatch first, prefer Snatch. I’d imagine many who saw Hot Fuzz first may claim it’s the best of the bunch – hopefully some will say the same about World’s end.

  4. Pretty spot on with your assessment here (as always)! Shaun is definitely still the best and I’d probably put the other two on a par. I thought the script in The World’s End was a bit iffy to be honest. Still had its funny moments but just didn’t seem as natural as Shaun.

    • I agree the script was a bit iffy in World’s End. The whole invasion thing, really – especially as it got closer to the end. But I did like the characters more than in Fuzz. But, yes – Shaun still best by far. πŸ™‚

  5. I like Hot Fuzz a lot – haven’t seen the new one yet. Shaun never really did it for me aside from a few yuks.

    • Interesting! I know the majority of people like Shaun the most. Would be good to know what you thought of The World’s End. I have no idea! But think you’d still like Fuzz the most – it does seem more your thing…

  6. Nice reviews! I’ve only seen Hot Fuzz and the first time around I passed out half way through. I watched it the second time a month or so ago but since I dozed off in the beginning I never reviewed it, wanted to give it another shot (which I will eventually). however, I think you just made me want to check out Shaun of the Dead! πŸ™‚ Could be fun! Something to consider for the weekend perhaps

    • Oh, I do recommend Shaun. I know you’re not a big horror movie fan but it’s not exactly a horror and not TOO gory (as compared to an actual zombie movie). Would be good to know what you think of it if you watch it. πŸ™‚

  7. I loved Shaun of the Dead but really didn’t like Hot Fuzz. I still haven’t seen the World’s End Yet but will definitely be checking it out. My husband is a Pegg fanatic.

  8. So, I read your takes on Shaun and Hot Fuzz but not World’s End. I’m not prepared to read anything about that one until I see it. But about the characters in Hot Fuzz…I liked that Angel’s character was just the action hero guy times 500. I didn’t mind that he wasn’t as real a person as Shaun, because I don’t think he was supposed to be. For me, it’s really hard to choose which I like the best out of Shaun or Fuzz. Really damn hard.

  9. I love director Edgar Wright. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was one of my favorite films of 2010. He produced Attack the Block, one of my favorites from 2011. The World’s End is high HIGH on my “to see” list! πŸ™‚

    • Well it sounds like you’ll definitely enjoy it. πŸ™‚ Would be good to know what you think of it. I really liked Scott Pilgrim as well. Not seen Attack The Block…

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  11. Just saw you re-post this on Twitter – Hot Fuzz is my favourite of the three by a country mile, though my full justification for why will have to wait a couple days… πŸ™‚

    • Cool – my re-post worked then! πŸ˜‰ Realized I might try again as it was out in the UK so long ago but only recently out in the US. Are you reviewing all three together?? Let me know if you do – I’d love to read it! I do like Hot Fuzz as well – just prefer the other two a bit more. πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think so. I actually just rewatched Shaun and Hot Fuzz on Friday night but I couldn’t really think of anything substantive to say about the former, so I might just bung up a 200 word post at some point. Hot Fuzz, though, I’ll be able to talk about for ages. I do have an idea brewing to compare The World’s End and an Apatow comedy, though, as I kinda felt that the last Cornetto film was an argument against most Apatow comedies.

        I did review The World’s End recently here – – summary: it’s good, but I still found it kinda disappointing.

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  14. Excellent review! My order of preference is the same as yours although I disliked Hot Fuzz a lot more than you. I think it suffered from raised expectations after Shaun. Maybe I should re-watch it…

    If you haven’t seen Spaced, you should give it a try. No actual zombies but more movie references than you can shake a stick at, so plenty to enjoy.

    • Thanks! It’s funny – I think this is my most viewed review. I should do more multiples like this! I sooo need to see Spaced. Not sure why I never have – it does sound like I’d really like it. : ) Hot Fuzz was… Odd. Just very NOT what I’d been expecting. I did enjoy it, though.

      • My boyfriend and I powered through all 12 episodes the other weekend without even trying, and I’ve seen it many times before!. If you liked think you’re bound to like Spaced.

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  18. Fantastic post! Great to see your love for the Cornetto Trilogy πŸ™‚

    Shaun of the Dead was always my favourite (standard) but I think I actually watched it TOO much and I can barely face watching it again. I’m being serious! It’s SO quotable though, it has the best quotes.

    The World’s End was definitely my least favourite. I was mildly disappointed with the story though the cast and characters and quite a few quotes were still up to scratch. The first 30 minutes was FAB then it got a bit weird and I don’t just mean the blue blood robots!!! The story kind of lost it’s thread a bit I felt. But kudos to them for putting something more emotional in the film than they usually do.

    Hot Fuzz is probably my favourite of the three. I can certainly watch it time and time again. I used to live in village just like that as well, I can’t help but chuckle at all the jokes!

    I think Shaun of the Dead is the strongest film though. It starts well and ends well – whereas both The World’s End and Hot Fuzz both tail of a bit towards the end.

    Sorry for this long comment!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Emma!!! I missed this comment! Argh – I hate falling behind on comments as it means I miss the notifications!

      I can see why some didn’t like World’s End as much – it certainly gets weird at the end! Shaun is definitely the strongest & still my favorite. People do LOVE Hot Fuzz, though – I’m thinking I should give that one another try. πŸ™‚

      • That’s okay I do the same thing all the time! πŸ™‚

        I tried watching World’s End again recently and still found it a bit tired towards the end. The first 30 minutes are amazing though!

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  20. I thought World’s End was ok. Hot Fuzz was very good! But Shawn of the Dead ranks as number 15 on my All Time Favorite Top 40 Films list. In my opinion by far the best of the three. – Still, I liked your review of the three movies!

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