See the Cast of Adventures In Babysitting Then and Now

Link here to the following pictures and a couple more: ScreenCrush

I LOVE Adventures In Babysitting – one of my all-time favorites. Does that make me a dork? I don’t care. It’s awesome. Don’t fuck with the babysitter! 🙂

20130821-071826 PM.jpg

20130821-071837 PM.jpg

20130821-071842 PM.jpg

20130821-071846 PM.jpg

20130821-071851 PM.jpg

16 thoughts on “See the Cast of Adventures In Babysitting Then and Now

  1. I hate both of those dudes in every movie they’re in. I just wanna slap the pink hat off the one guy’s head. He’s the completely uncool nerd/rebel in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, but at least he gave us the line, “Dishes are done, man.”

    • Yeah, they’re both pretty annoying. I only vaguely remember Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead – it was fun but no Adventures In Babysitting! But the dishes line is awesome – I’m going to say that every time I do the dishes now. 🙂

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