And the winner is… Stoker

20130824-122121 PM.jpg
Thanks to everyone for voting HERE. 🙂 Sorry I’m slow – I’ve not forgotten about this. I’ll review the ones with the most votes soon. (In between anything I go to in the cinema because I try to do those right away. Hoping to see Elysium soon!). So I’ll review them in this order:

Stoker (6 votes)
Planes (just saw in cinema)
Django Unchained (5 votes)
Elysium (hopefully! if I see it)
Safety Not Guaranteed (4 votes)
The Machinist (3 votes)
Once Upon A Time In The West (2 votes)
Wreck-It Ralph (2 votes)
The Iron Giant (2 votes)

Then I’ll try to do the rest, um… in 2013?! :-/ Poor Man On A Ledge – only one with no votes….

Sound City (1 vote)
The Great Gatsby (1 vote)
Vanishing Point (1 vote)
Nosferatu (1922) (1 vote)
Sisters (1 vote)
Sound Of My Voice (1 vote)
Big (1 vote)
Man On A Ledge

7 thoughts on “And the winner is… Stoker

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