Rubber (2010) Review

20130828-062343 PM.jpg

Directed & Written by Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo)

Stephen Spinella as Lieutenant Chad
Jack Plotnick as Accountant
Roxane Mesquida as Sheila
Wings Hauser as Man in Wheelchair
Ethan Cohn as Movie Buff Ethan
Charley Koontz as Movie Buff Charley
Hayley Holmes as Cindy
Haley Ramm as Fiona
Daniel Quinn as Dad
Devin Brochu as Son
Tara Jean O’Brien as Martina the Cleaning Lady
David Bowe as Mr. Hugues
Remy Thorne as Zach
Cecelia Antoinette as Woman
Thomas F. Duffy as Deputy Xavier
Blake Robbins as Deputy Luke
Pete Dicecco as Deputy Pete
Courtenay Taylor as Deputy Denise
James Parks as Deputy Doug
Gaspard Augé as Hitchhiker
Pedro Winter as Tyre Burner
Robert the Tire as Himself

Plot Synopsis (and cast info via Wikipedia):

Rubber is a 2010 French comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers.

20130828-062935 PM.jpg
My Opinion:

For the sake of this review, I’m using the American spelling of TIRE instead of TYRE. And, yeah – the only thing you need to know about the “plot” is that a tire comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. Scanners-style. And the film is in English even though it’s French.

You’ll like this film or you’ll hate it. Most of you, my fellow movie-blogging buddies, will probably like it. My real-life buddies, who aren’t movie-obsessed geeks and already look at me like I’m mental when I try to discuss anything other than mainstream films, would probably stop talking to me forever if I actually recommended this film to them. Actually, I would be quite happy to have several people in my life stop talking to me so I’m going to recommend Rubber to them now.


What else?


Screw it.

Rubber. It’s a movie about a killer tire.

And I liked it!

No reason.

Here’s my rating and some pictures!

My Rating: 7.5/10

20130828-063150 PM.jpg

20130828-063200 PM.jpg

20130828-063208 PM.jpg

20130828-063215 PM.jpg
See where it ranks: Movies I’ve seen in 2013 🙂

20 thoughts on “Rubber (2010) Review

    • I totally recommend it. Not because you’re one of the ones I want to have stop talking to me! 😉 But because you’re one of the ones more likely to appreciate it. Not sure I’d exactly call it a “good” film, though…

  1. Rubber never takes it’s concept too seriously in my opinion. That’s why you have a guy at the start talk about movie making and the crowd in the field are meant to represent the audience viewing the picture. It belongs on the same list with other creative works like Being John Malkovich. Stories that could have easily become skits on SNL but had something more going on. I think most non movie buffs would maybe appreciate it more if that element was explained but I’m not sure.

    • I don’t know – I think I could explain it to the people I work with and they’d still hate me for recommending the film to them. 😉 I don’t care, though – I enjoyed it. Give me something like Rubber over the next Fast & Furious sequel…

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