Mondo Does Disney’s The Little Mermaid

20130925-085354 pm.jpg
To commemorate The Little Mermaid showing in some cinemas in 3D and the upcoming Blu-ray release, Mondo is releasing this poster by Tom Whalen. This poster is great! Have to say it’s better than the actual film, which isn’t all that high on my list of My Top Disney Princess Movies.

Link to Mondo poster info here: SlashFilm

This blog is too family friendly lately. I really need to find a picture of Chris Hemsworth’s naked Rush bum…

10 thoughts on “Mondo Does Disney’s The Little Mermaid

    • Lol! I’ve tried. Believe me. 😉 They must have protected the Rush bum photos! Just go to Rush – it’s worth it just to see that bum. And see him shirtless. Plus the film is excellent. 🙂 And now I’m even more in love (lust?) with Hemsworth than I was before.

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