My Top Ten Tearjerker Movies

I haven’t done a top ten list in ages so I thought this would be a good topic. I’m not a girly girl & don’t get all teary eyed at the usual sort of contrived chick flicks (piss off Beaches!). For the most part I’m going to leave out true stories (except for my number one) because it would be insane to not have something like Schindler’s List at the top. So bear that in mind before asking why certain movies based on horrific real life events aren’t on here. I’m also almost more of a sucker for happy endings than sad ones so you won’t only find sad ones here.

So here are my Top Ten Tearjerker Movies counting down from ten: 😦

10. American History X

20130929-074353 pm.jpg
9. Brokeback Mountain

20130929-074449 pm.jpg
8. Toy Story 3

20130929-074536 pm.jpg
7. The Bucket List

20130929-074613 pm.jpg
6. The Shawshank Redemption

20130929-074710 pm.jpg
5. Stand By Me

20130929-074809 pm.jpg
4. City Lights

20130929-075052 pm.jpg
3. Cinema Paradiso

20130929-075126 pm.jpg
2. Up

20130929-075201 pm.jpg
1. Mask

20130929-075244 pm.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

The Lion King
The Green Mile
Midnight Cowboy
The Lives Of Others
Legends Of The Fall
The Elephant Man
Untamed Heart
It’s A Wonderful Life
The Secret In Their Eyes

43 thoughts on “My Top Ten Tearjerker Movies

  1. Lovely list! I have to make my own some time. Brokeback Mountain to me is the ultimate tearjerker, I choke every time. Then again, I cry very easily. And Toy Story 3… When I watched it I was sick, had fever and runny nose already before the ending and after that I was hardly able to breath. πŸ˜€

  2. The Elephant Man get me every time … along with Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me and Alex Proyas’ The Crow … the latter being oh so poignant considering the fate of its star Brandon Lee … so unbelievably sad … 😦

    • I’m not much of a movie crier. Only five or six on this list actually brought tears to my eyes. I’m pretty heartless, though. Don’t know about you… Lol! πŸ˜‰ Yes – I believe Toy Story 3 is known as the one that made adult men cry! I think Up is the bigger tearjerker, though. I admit that I can’t ever make it through the beginning montage! 😦

    • Thanks! Moulin Rouge is maybe a little too girly for me. πŸ˜‰ Have to admit I’m not a movie crier and probably only five or six of the ones on the list made me lose it. Mask is by far the worst one. I can lose it just replaying the ending in my head!

    • I was waiting for someone to mention The Champ. πŸ˜‰ Very nearly made my honorable mentions. I know – poor, sweet little Ricky Schroder in that! 😦 Oh I miss Silver Spoons… (Showing my age. Lol!)

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yeah – it was certainly on my list at first until I decided to leave out ones based on war, etc – too horrific. The end of Life Is Beautiful is definitely a massive tearjerker. 😦

  3. Great list! Up was recommended to me by a work colleague based on their love of the funny, speaking dog, so when the Carl and Ellie part happened, I had no idea it was coming! I was devastated beyond words and I can’t watch it again. I bawled my eyes out at the end of Marley And Me, and I don’t really do crying. When I was a teenager, I went to see My Girl at the cinema with a friend. She cried buckets (loudly) through Macaulay Culkin’s funeral.

    • I knew Marley & Me would get mentioned. Very sad! 😦 Yeah – I remember people actually getting mad about the death in My Girl as it was so completely unexpected from how the movie was marketed. Nothing beats the beginning of Up – I’ll never make it through that!

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