From Beyond (1986) Review for Halloween Horror Fest

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Bloody hell I can’t find a good poster for this movie…

From Beyond (1986)

Directed by Stuart Gordon

Based on From Beyond by H.P. Lovecraft

Jeffrey Combs
Barbara Crampton
Ken Foree
Ted Sorel
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon

Running time: 80 minutes (original), 85 minutes (unrated)

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
From Beyond centers around a pair of scientists attempting to stimulate the pineal gland with a device called The Resonator. An unforeseen result of their experiments is the ability to perceive creatures from another dimension that proceed to drag the head scientist into their world, returning him as a grotesque shape-changing monster that preys upon the others at the laboratory.

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Before I Start…

This review will be full of SPOILERS, especially in the pictures. But I HAVE to include the pictures – this movie is mental.

This is the first movie I’m reviewing for my Halloween Horror Fest. Saw it about a month ago. Now, this is a film that is definitely not for everyone. If you like Re-Animator meets Society meets Slither meets The Thing meets David Cronenberg meets H.R. Giger-type sexual imagery meets “body horror”, From Beyond will be right up your alley. If you’re now looking at me like I’m nuts, you might want to skip this one.

Put it this way – there was this annoying woman I used to work with and couldn’t stand. She was all “perfect mother”, “perfect housewife”, yada yada. She used to look at me like I was mental when I would go all geeky discussing films & couldn’t understand why I had no interest in the things she did for fun like sew & bake cakes (nothing against anyone here who does these things for fun!). My point is this: If she still worked with me, I’d totally recommend From Beyond to her in the hope that she would hate me forever & stop talking to me. It’s one of those types of movies.

20131011-092735 am.jpg
My Opinion:

Like I said – If you like any of the movies that I mentioned above, you’ll like this. This was made by Stuart Gordon, who also made Re-Animator. Both films also star Jeffrey Combs & Barbara Crampton and are (I assume very loosely!) based on H.P. Lovecraft stories. (Barbara Crampton also starred in the recent horror You’re Next). I know Re-Animator is a cult classic but I’d not heard of From Beyond until recently. I think it’s just as good/bad as Re-Animator. I actually think it’s more memorable.

20131011-092854 am.jpgSo anyway – these two scientist dudes are conducting experiments to stimulate the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain which apparently (according to this movie, at least!) looks like a tiny penis. Especially when the experiment causes it to grow & pop out of this dude’s head. Yeah, spoiler. But, seriously – check this shit out!:

20131011-100211 am.jpg
Hilarious! Anyway, I’ve looked the pineal gland up online and still don’t fully understand why stimulating it makes you all into S&M and made Barbara Crampton put this outfit on:

20131011-100255 am.jpg
I also don’t understand why it allows you to see creatures from another dimension. But, anyway, it does in this film. It also makes you want to eat brains. Yum.

20131011-100833 am.jpg

20131011-100842 am.jpg
Ken Foree, the dude above, is from one of my all-time favorite movies (Dawn Of The Dead) so it was cool seeing him here. Barbara Crampton gets naked (as usual?) so guys should like that. And. Yeah. Not much else to say. This movie was probably even more fun than Romero’s Monkey Shines. It’s completely mental. And that phallic pineal gland will haunt me forever.

My Rating: 6/10

20131011-100932 am.jpg

My From Beyond Haiku:

Brains and S&M
Protruding pineal glands
Naked Crampton boobs

33 thoughts on “From Beyond (1986) Review for Halloween Horror Fest

  1. This film looks nuts! In a good way; I’m a fan of wacky ’80s prosthetics-heavy special effects and Reanimator was a lot of fun, so I’ll have to go check this out šŸ™‚

  2. This sounds fantastic-o!! Thanks for the reco – I wonder how I missed this… this sounds like the prefect high school, have a girl over to watch movies and make out movie…

    • Interesting! Since you said it, I looked Yuzna up and see he was a producer on From Beyond. I hadn’t looked at the producers so didn’t make the connection. Guess I was right in comparing it to Society, then! šŸ˜‰ Have to admit to Society being a small guilty pleasure (all down to the final scene, really).

  3. I pulled an “ew” face through all of the pictures which means Michael will love it! I’ve added it to our LoveFilm list as he hasn’t seen it yet so thanks for posting! šŸ˜€

  4. Babs Crampton in S&M gear trying to get it on with a guy with a retractable penis inside his forehead – what’s not to like?! šŸ™‚

  5. I saw this so long ago, but I never forgot it. I loved the idea that there are critters floating around us in, just in another dimension, and if you notice, them, they’ll turn violent. Well, some may find that creepy…

    • It’s definitely one that I won’t forget anytime soon. šŸ˜‰ And, yeah – the concept of invisible creatures all around us in another dimension IS kind of cool, actually. I think a proper GOOD movie could maybe be made out of this concept. But From Beyond was still fun. šŸ™‚

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    To continue my Body Horror theme I (sort of) had going on this week and following yesterday’s list of My Top Ten Body Horror Movies, I’m reblogging my review of what is probably the most messed-up movie I’ve reviewed on this blog: Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond. Get your pineal glands ready!

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