Raging Bull (1980) Review for De Niro Blogathon

20131029-073541 pm.jpg
Thanks to Tyson & Mark for letting me participate in their Analyzing De Niro Blogathon over at You Talkin’ To Me?. This has been a fun blogathon, where everyone has chosen to watch and review a De Niro film they’d not yet seen. Be sure to check out their great site, especially if you love De Niro! πŸ™‚

Because I’m doing my IMDB Top 250 Challenge anyway where I’m trying to watch everything in the Top 250 that I’ve not yet seen, I got the completely insane idea to do Raging Bull. Yeah, that’s right – I couldn’t just choose something simple! So here’s the review that I did for them if you’d like to check it out: Raging Bull Review.

20131029-073908 pm.jpg

5 thoughts on “Raging Bull (1980) Review for De Niro Blogathon

  1. ’twas a great review, Mutant! I need to see this, just to add something else with RDN in it. This movie sounds slightly brutal.

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