My Top Ten Horror Movies

Happy Halloween! I guess I better do this now, then. Below are my Top Ten Horror Movies.

This was difficult. In order to do this, I’ve decided to leave a couple films out which are favorites of mine because I don’t exactly see them as “horror” films…

Alien/Aliens (Two of my favorite films. I don’t think “horror” with these – I think sci-fi)
Jaws (Again, I just think “classic blockbuster”)

So here are my Top Ten Horror Movies counting down from ten:

10. Carrie

20131031-015420 pm.jpg

9. An American Werewolf In London

20131031-015516 pm.jpg

8. Poltergeist

20131031-015552 pm.jpg

7. Halloween

20131031-015639 pm.jpg

6. The Thing

20131031-015713 pm.jpg

5. A Nightmare On Elm Street (whole series but the first movie obviously the best by far)

20131031-015755 pm.jpg

4. Psycho

20131031-015835 pm.jpg

3. The Omen

20131031-015918 pm.jpg

2. The Shining

20131031-020001 pm.jpg

1. Dawn Of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Day Of The Dead (I love Romero)

20131031-020039 pm.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Rosemary’s Baby
Don’t Look Now
28 Days Later
Let The Right One In
The Orphanage
April Fool’s Day
Friday The 13th (first two)
Child’s Play (first three)
The Descent
The Changeling
Fright Night (original)
The Lost Boys (if I was honest this would be top ten but I see it as more of a teen movie)
Night Of The Comet
Chopping Mall (yep)
Pet Sematary (screw it – most every movie based on a Stephen King story)
The Birds

46 thoughts on “My Top Ten Horror Movies

  1. Great list of movies. I was able to see The Shining in theaters this week and although I have seen it many times before That movie still manages to disturb me every time. I hope to see the original Carrie on the big screen soon.

    • Thanks. πŸ™‚ I know we like quite a few of the same ones. Yeah – when looking at horror films online, Alien keeps coming up but I just don’t see it that way. It would be at number one on this list if so.

  2. I think were about on the same page when it comes to horror flicks. I like the ones on your top ten a lot. I haven’t seen all but the ones I have.

  3. I’m old enough to remember seeing Night of the Comet in the theater, and I was young enough then to have taken it seriously. I was actually creeped out by some scenes.

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  5. The Orphanage was one of the best contemporary horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. I love it when that happens! Good review, although I’m not one for zombies so I have to disagree on your number 1 – otherwise, all great choices!

    • Thanks! Yep – I’d love to see more horror like The Orphanage instead of the usual awful horror sequels & remakes these days. And it’s definitely all about the Romero zombie movies for me more than any other zombie films. : )

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