Carrie (2013) Review

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Carrie (2013)

Directed by Kimberly Peirce

Based on Carrie by Stephen King

Chloë Grace Moretz
Judy Greer
Portia Doubleday
Alex Russell
Gabriella Wilde
Julianne Moore

Running time: 99 minutes

Plot Synopsis:
Girl gets period, people piss her off, she becomes psychotic. I have days like that too.

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My Opinion:

First of all, I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Second of all, I have this confession to make: Carrie is one of the only books of his that I’ve not read. Thirdly, I love the original movie – it just makes it into the list of my Top Ten Horror Movies. Fourthly (Thirdly & fourthly are words, right?), REMAKES PISS ME OFF. So what did I think of yet another completely unnecessary remake?

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There may be a few SPOILERS here if you’ve actually not seen the original Carrie. If you have, you can probably read this whole review as this remake is pretty much EXACTLY the same movie but with added mobile phones (cell phones to you Americans). I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anything for those who’ve seen the original.

20131207-014206 pm.jpg
The Actresses:

I’ve really liked Chloë Grace Moretz in everything I’ve seen her in so far and she does fine as Carrie. Her Carrie does NOT have the same sort of naive innocence yet underlying crazy THING going on behind the eyes that Sissy Spacek had, though. To be fair, I don’t think Moretz had much to work with here as this is just the 1976 movie with YouTube. It’s very hard to not picture Spacek in this role. I suppose it’s also hard to believe that a teenage girl would be as naive & sheltered in 2013 as one may have been in 1976. They show Carrie looking things up on the Internet on school computers in this one – surely she’d be Googling periods & sex & all that stuff her crazy mother tells her is a sin. Moretz is exactly who I’d have also chosen to play Carrie if I’d made this, though – it’s just hard to fully buy into her character if you know the original so well. Same goes for Julianne Moore – SUCH an obvious casting choice (or a lazy choice if you ask Mista Mutant). Yes, she’s good and does exactly what you expect her to do. But, you know… We’ve already seen this role played perfectly by Piper Laurie. Both the 2013 lead actresses are fine & exactly who I’d have chosen. All the other actresses are also fine (especially Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell & Judy Greer as the gym teacher). But… What’s the point, really?

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The Movie:

Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed this movie (I know it hasn’t sounded like it so far). Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a completely pointless remake and will never top the original for me. But I’ve always liked the story. “Girl gets picked on by bitchy high school girls then gets sweet revenge!”. Who doesn’t like that? Especially if they’re a girl who lived through the dreadful high school experience. Is it just me? Maybe I have issues. I mean, one of my all-time favorite movies is Heathers. Okay, yeah – I may have issues.

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So even though I’ve seen this movie before and knew what would happen, I enjoyed seeing the events unfold once again. And I suppose I should mention Portia Doubleday as that bitch Chris Hargensen. I guess she did a good job as I soooo couldn’t wait for her death scene in this one! I’m not a big fan of horror movies, especially in my old age, and have to admit that I have yet to actually watch the more violent scenes in some of my favorite films. Seriously, I’m a wuss about gore and don’t like violence and think we live in a sad world where people freak out over movies that show a tiny bit of sex but don’t bat an eyelid at their kids playing video games & watching movies with excessive violence and blah blah blah. But, oh man, I wanted to watch the bitch get it in Carrie! And it’s a pretty satisfying end. It’s the only thing I’ll say maybe tops the original. (I have issues with bitchy high school girls. Can you tell?) 😉

20131207-014412 pm.jpg

For the boys, I should point out that Gabriella Wilde is REALLY cute. I did like her as Sue Snell.

20131207-014500 pm.jpg


This remake is completely pointless. But… it’s fun and I did enjoy it. If you go into it knowing that you’re going to be watching a not-as-good version of the 1976 movie all over again and if you like the story and even if you LOVE the original movie (as long as you don’t totally worship it), I think you’ll have fun with the remake. The casting choices are spot on but it all feels very hollow. All the actresses do a good job but certainly don’t top the performances in the original. All the scenes are done well enough but, again, don’t exactly top anything in the original. The prom scene especially doesn’t manage to have the intensity of the original and was probably the most disappointing re-made scene.

I understand why things get remade. I’ll fully admit that the original Carrie has NOT aged well and is precious to only those my age but teenagers nowadays are “all gonna laugh” at the 1976 film. They may like this remake, though, and I’d recommend the remake to a teenager instead of the original because I know I’d be wasting my time trying to get a current teen to love the oh-so-70s Carrie. So, yeah – I do understand why things keep getting remade. To make money. To bring a whole new audience to something as they’d never watch the original. Remakes still piss me off, though. And I still think this remake is as pointless as all the rest.

But at least we get to see Carrie get her revenge on those high school bitches once again! That made me happy.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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36 thoughts on “Carrie (2013) Review

  1. I’ll still give this a shot – when it’s out for free. Nice work!! NOW – back to football!!! And earthquakes… : (

  2. the only way I’ll watch this is if i get a hold of the original. you like it better, and everything I’ve read says this 2013 version is totally pointless and redundant. but i will admit that the story doesn’t exactly intrigue me, so perhaps I’ll just give the whole thing a miss. 😀 nice review though. you very nearly had me, there. . . .:P

    • Thanks. 🙂 Sorry – I’m so far behind on replying! Damn – so I’ve ALMOST convinced you to watch the original?? Hmm… It’s a classic but it’s VERY dated. It’s so so SO 70s! But I LOVE 70s stuff. You should watch because it’s worth a bit of a laugh if nothing else – some cheesy looking stuff going on in it. Like John Travolta. 🙂

  3. Just felt like the type of cash-grab remake of a classic that Hollywood loves to throw out every two or three months a year. The story’s message still resonates well with today’s society, however, it feels misused this time, especially by the fact of how Carrie learns about her powers, knows how to control them and seems like she wants to kill her fellow students. Good review.

    • Thanks. 🙂 And totally agree – I really didn’t like the changes made to the character of Carrie. Spacek stayed all innocent & seemed scared of her powers until she snapped unexpectedly at the prom. In this one, yes – she seemed to be almost WAITING for people to piss her off so she could teach them a lesson. The original is sooo much better (as is always the case). 🙂

  4. I quite liked this one. I think it has been panned a little too harshly. Sure, it is an absolutely unnecessary remake. But it is still pretty good, with a really fantastic last half hour or so I thought.

  5. Nice review! You did a good job summing up the flaws of the film while still identifying why you enjoyed it, which is always tricky!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah – I know I SHOULDN’T like it. I know it’s not very good & is completely pointless as the original is so much better. But I kind of liked it anyway. 🙂

  6. I still really want to see this, despite all the negativity it garnered. I know you may shoot me, but I really wasn’t a fan of the original at all. You should really try out the book. It is a short and quick read and it really good.

    • I’ll try to forgive you for not liking the original. I’m just old & like that 70’s shit. 😉 I really do want to read the book now. Maybe once I’ve finished Doctor Sleep!

  7. Great review, agree with you completely on all points (especially the Googling bit – I mean, come on!) but none moreso than the pointlessness of remakes when they’re all about money. I don’t know, it just makes me want to dump a bucket of red on someone… 😉

    • Sorry – I’m so behind on replies. Thanks for the link or pingback or whatever it is in blog speak! 😉 I really don’t get remakes. I know it’s just to make money and all that but GRRR – they’re so annoying! Which is why I sat there hating myself the whole time because I was KIND of enjoying this one. Lol. Even though it’s far inferior to the original & still totally pointless. 🙂

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