Frozen (2013) Review

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Frozen (2013)

Directed by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

Based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

Kristen Bell
Idina Menzel
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad
Santino Fontana

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Running time: 102 minutes

Plot Synopsis:
After Elsa accidentally leaves her kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter due to her uncontrollable secret powers that create ice & snow, her sister Anna must find where she has gone into hiding to see if they can find a way to save their kingdom.

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My Opinion:

Finally – a return to the traditional sort of Disney(fied) fairy tale that I grew up on. I loved Frozen! Loved it loved it loved it! 🙂

20131210-091932 pm.jpg
Where do I start? Well, I’m going to try to stay spoiler free so I’ll just talk about some of the things I liked about Frozen. First of all, it’s a great opening. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high so early in the film but the introduction of the sisters, Anna & Elsa, is fantastic! It’s like all the best classic Disney openings/introductions to the main characters. Sweet, tragic, magical & musical – all that usual good Disney stuff! And the song Anna sings is lovely & really touching. There are some great songs in this. But I’ll come back to the music later…

20131210-092009 pm.jpg
Before we’re introduced to the sisters, however, we actually first meet one of the main male characters (Kristoff) while a bunch of manly men sing a manly song. I know Disney took this same sort of angle with Tangled – they didn’t want it seen as another “Disney Princess” movie so they gave the guy a bigger role and gave it the non-girly name of Tangled instead of Rapunzel. I think this works much better in Frozen, though. The sisters are very much the stars here but there’s PLENTY for boys to like in this one as well whereas I still saw Tangled as just another Princess movie. You can easily take an entire family of all ages to Frozen. Girls will like the sisters, boys will like Kristoff & his reindeer, and ALL kids (and adults!) will LOVE Olaf. Honestly – The adults in the cinema were laughing at Olaf even louder than the kids were. He’s hilarious. I love Olaf! I already loved him before even seeing Frozen as his big musical number (In Summer) was available on YouTube. Check it out if you’re unsure about if you want to see Frozen or not & you may be convinced to go.

20131210-092109 pm.jpg
Going back to the music, Frozen has some instant classics. The songs were written by husband & wife Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. I don’t make it to nearly as many musicals as I’d like to but the only one I’ve WANTED to see in a long time is The Book Of Mormon while one of the only ones I HAVE seen is Avenue Q, which I loved. I was surprised to find out that the guy who wrote the songs for these two musicals had done the songs for Frozen. So, yeah – I guess the guy responsible for “The Internet Is For Porn” wrote the great songs in Frozen. Makes sense – there’s a funny sense of humor in the lyrics of songs such as Olaf’s In Summer & another song called Fixer Upper but the main “numbers” such as For The First Time In Forever and Let It Go are surely Oscar contenders & will long be remembered with other Disney classics.

20131210-092201 pm.jpg
What else? The story – I loved it. I don’t know the original Hans Christian Andersen story but, hey – this is a Disney adaptation so I’m sure it bears little resemblance to the source material. I really wasn’t quite sure how they’d end it which was nice as kids’ films are always so predictable (and I thought it was a very satisfying ending). The look of the film was beautiful – the colors used & all that frozen snow & ice… I can see this being a film that families watch every winter. And it may sound stupid and girly but Anna & Elsa had the greatest dresses! Anna is often in greens while Elsa is in blue and it was great that it wasn’t all girly pink & purple colors going on in this. And… as I’m mostly of Norwegian heritage, I’ve always loved anything with a Scandinavian look. I mean, a guy in the film even mentioned lutefisk. And look at Anna’s main outfit and her cool boots:

20131210-092241 pm.jpg
Finally, the most important thing in a Disney movie is the characters. They can have a great story and great songs but if they don’t get the characters right, they might as well not bother. Frozen is already nearly perfect in every other way and, luckily, the characters are just as perfect.

20131210-092320 pm.jpg
Kristoff is a loveable oaf and his relationship with his best friend, reindeer Sven, is funny. It was also fun watching Sven constantly trying to eat Olaf’s carrot nose. Speaking of the hilariously entertaining Olaf, you already know how I feel about him but I loved the sisters most of all and their story & their relationship felt quite unique compared to the what we’ve seen in other Disney films. I liked their very different personalities & I can see Anna ending up pretty high on my list of my Top Disney Princesses (if/when she’s officially added). Anna is sweet & little dorky with such a childlike charm that you can’t help but like her.

20131210-092910 pm.jpg

After a good couple decades of some very disappointing Disney films (other than The Lion King & Beauty And The Beast & everything made by the brilliant Pixar which Disney can now claim as its own), we’ve finally been given an instant classic that will stand the test of time just like those from Disney’s good old days. Magical & beautiful, a great story, classic songs, strong female characters, lots of genuinely funny humor & hilarious characters – Frozen gets everything so incredibly right. Thank you, Disney! You’re back! 🙂

My Rating: 8.5/10

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57 thoughts on “Frozen (2013) Review

  1. Veryyyyyyyyyy nice!

    While you know that I like animated movies – I am not a big fan at all of musicals… I doubt I’ll watch this one… : (

    In fact, the only musical I can think of that I enjoy is The Meaning of Life….

    Glad you liked this so much!

  2. i actually was trying to watch this with the family but my son wouldn’t let us enjoy the rest of the movie. So we had to head home. I really wanted to walk the movie and so did my too girls, but it was ruined by my son

    • Awww – that’s a shame. 😦 I did hear a lot of boys really enjoying it at my showing but I suppose it’s not for everyone. I hope you get to watch it fully sometime – I really did enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great review! I wasn’t going to see it because I thought it would be like some of their other recent movies that were just ok. So glad to hear they nailed it!!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Oh, I think it’s much better than recent things like Tangled (although that was decent). It feels like a return to the more traditional Disney films. Hope you like it! 🙂

    • I SUPPOSE it’s aimed more at girls as the sisters are definitely the main characters. But they did a good job making it more balanced with the other characters. There were actually quite a few boys at the showing I went to & I heard them laughing a lot. I think it’s a better one for boys & girls than Tangled was.

      And aren’t those dresses lovely?! I love Anna’s green one. 😉

  4. I took my kids to see this last night. From what I saw of the movie I was enjoying it but my one month old son wouldn’t let us finish the movie and we ended up leaving twenty minutes in.

  5. Good review. Can’t go wrong with a Disney movie, where the message at the end is all about how girls don’t really need a man in their life to get things done, or make themselves feel complete. All they have to do is count on, and believe in themselves and that’s more than enough. Some very strong stuff, for a very good animated flick.

    • Thanks. 🙂 Yep – I was VERY happy at how they chose to end it (the climatic scene – you’ll know what I mean, don’t want to be spoiler-y). Women don’t need men! Pah! 😉 I like that modern Disney movies have much better female role models (but of course they’re still pretty. Don’t think that will ever change!)

  6. I just thought this was okay – a solid, well-executed children’s movie. It was pretty low on adult-aimed jokes/references, which isn’t necessarily a problem but I felt that I was a touch too old for it! Maybe my distaste of musicals explains it though.

    • Hehe – Well, I’m much older and I loved it. 😉 But I AM a sucker for Disney. Do you like other Disney stuff much? I don’t know if I exactly love musicals but I don’t mind them. I’ll admit that this one seemed to have more music than other Disney films but I thought all the songs were quite good for a change, instead of one memorable song then a bunch of bland ones like a lot of other Disney movies.

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