Hobo With A Shotgun (2011) Review

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Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

Directed by Jason Eisener

Rutger Hauer
Molly Dunsworth
Brian Downey
Gregory Smith

Running time: 86 minutes

Plot Synopsis:
A hobo gets pissed off with all the evil scumbags controlling a city so, when he gets hold of a shotgun, he takes matters into his own hands.

From Wikipedia:
Hobo with a Shotgun is a 2011 Canadian exploitation action film based on the winning trailer of the same name from Robert Rodriguez’s South by Southwest Grindhouse trailers contest and received an R rating for strong violence.

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My Opinion:

Umm… Bloody hell, I truly have no clue how to go about reviewing this thing. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but I liked it more than I thought I would. Especially as it’s very violent & I’m a mega wuss about that.

20140105-092631 am.jpg
Of the movies made from those fake Grindhouse trailers, this one appealed to me more than Machete, which I’ve not bothered watching. I mean, the title of this film alone made me want to watch it. Great title! And who doesn’t like a bit of Rutger Hauer, eh? I actually think he’s great in this.

20140105-092658 am.jpg
This movie is messed up. But I think it works very well as… Whatever it’s meant to be. 70s/early 80s exploitation film? It’s not a genre I have a lot of experience with. But I thought it had the proper gritty feel of a few crappy movies I watched late at night in the 80s. It felt a bit like… Umm… A GOOD Troma movie? That’s probably an insult to this. I don’t know. It also reminded me in a small way of Sin City what with the movie being so full of scumbags (I HATE Sin City. But this, I liked). Again – it’s not a genre I have that much experience with. But I thought some bits of this film were great & very memorable. I’ll forever see that guy’s head in the manhole cover. And the sweatshirt Rutger Hauer puts on. And that giant f*%king octopus. And these guys:

20140105-092744 am.jpg
And… Screw it. Let’s go to the summary.


A great example of a film that’s trying very hard to be (70s? 80s? Exploitation??). I didn’t feel like I was watching a 2011 film and, for me, I love that. Hauer is absolutely perfect in this role & I liked the relationship with the prostitute he befriends & tries to protect. Hell, I thought the relationship was quite sweet. This thing is bloody as hell, the baddies are over the top & hamming it up big time, and only a select group of people won’t hate this thing. Probably. I liked it. But I’m not a very normal person so, who knows…

My Rating: 7/10

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35 thoughts on “Hobo With A Shotgun (2011) Review

  1. F&^%$NG OCTOPUSSES!!!!!!


    I like this movie if not just for that scene where he’s talking to all of those babies.

  2. That guy in the image with his head coming out of the sewer grate is Ricky from Trailer Park Boys! I had no idea he was in this movie. Yayyy, Canada!! 🙂

  3. The novelty doesn’t wear thin, as much as it just begins to go away once the flick itself tends to get far and far more serious. Still, it’s a dumb movie that definitely wears its budget on its sleeve. For better, and for worse. Good review.

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  6. As if you’d ever write a shit review!!! Great round up of a fun movie 🙂 I caught this late on TV one night and enjoyed it FAR more than I thought I would. It was nice NOT to see tons of sex and nudity for once, in a film based on the old exploitation stuff I expected to see far more stuff geared towards the boys.

    • Lol. More like as if I’d ever write a good review! 😉 I know…. I can only take so much of the naked boobs & hatred of females in movies. Horror movies are the worst for it. This one was a lot of fun. Loved the feel of it. Felt like a genuine old exploitation flick as opposed to a copy.

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    • YES! I was just thinking of this movie the other day & how much I enjoyed it. I did a post at one point where I re-rated some movies I thought I got wrong and I upped my rating on this one. 🙂

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