My Top (Eight) Books Read In 2013

Should I even post this?? I only read eight books in 2013. How embarrassing. But, hey – I’m Cinema Parrot, not Book Parrot! Since starting this blog, I’m definitely watching way more movies & reading fewer books. But I ranked all the movies I watched so I guess I might as well do that with the books I read too. You can read my full review for each if you click on the title (except The Good Guy & Miss Peregrine – I’ll try to review those soon). I still have no clue how to go about reviewing books & have to force myself to do them. Movie reviews are easier!

My Top Books Read In 2013 in order from my favorite to least favorite (although none of them were bad):

1. Joyland by Stephen King

20140111-031400 pm.jpg
I know it’s not the BEST book out of these but King is my favorite author and if I’m really honest, I did enjoy this one the most. A simple, easy read unlike his long novels and very light on “horror” but I really liked the characters & the story was fun.

2. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

20140111-031544 pm.jpg
I wasn’t sure where to rank this as it’s hard to think of it separately from the film, which I loved so much that I read the book after seeing it. Since the author also made the movie, it’s the most faithful adaptation I’ve ever seen. Love them both.

3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

20140111-031710 pm.jpg
Funny & heartbreaking, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the movie out later this year. Loved the characters in this book even though they seemed wise beyond their years but that’s probably true of those in their situation.

4. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

20140111-031856 pm.jpg
I actually gave this a lower rating than the books I’m listing after it but I have to admit that, although the characters were completely unlikeable, it was a great story & very exciting read and has stuck with me longer than the ones below.

5. Wool by Hugh Howey

20140111-040302 pm.jpg
A post-apocalyptic tale where people are forced to live in a large underground silo – This kind of story is very much my type of thing. It’s the first in a trilogy but was a bit overlong & slow in places. However, I’ll definitely be reading the rest as I really want to know what happens & find out more about the story behind why these people have been forced to live this way.

6. Wonder by RJ Palacio

20140111-032150 pm.jpg
The “youngest” book I read, I think this should be (and possibly is?) required reading in schools. It’s the story of a ten-year-old boy with a severe facial deformity who starts school for the first time after years of being home-schooled. We’re told the story from several different viewpoints. It feels very honest being told this way and of course emphasizes the importance of being kind to people.

7. The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

20140111-032252 pm.jpg
I totally forgot that I read this & had to amend my entire post. It also happens to be the last book I read so that’s pretty bad but I’m not surprised – this is how most Dean Koontz books are for me. If I’m going to be totally honest with all of you, I’ll tell you that I’ve read more Koontz books than those by any other author & he’s my big guilty pleasure. I always grab one when I need a “break”, which may not exactly sound like a recommendation. Did I enjoy this one? Yes. Will I remember it in a year? No – it’ll meld together in my mind with 90% of the other Koontz books I’ve read. I better do a full review soon before I have no clue anymore what it was about.

8. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

20140111-035804 pm.jpg
I LOVED the concept of this book. Apparently the author found all these great old, creepy photos & wrote a story around them. The photos are throughout the book & I thought that was pretty awesome. I’m not sure if the story QUITE worked, though, and I was very disappointed at the ending which is clearly left open for another book (or two). I’m not sure if there are more yet but there are so many young adult book series(es? Lol. Seriei!) these days that I really wasn’t interested in starting yet another one – I wanted a one-off book. I’ll review this soon.

Books For 2014:

I only got a few books for Christmas this year (luckily, as I still have some left over from last Christmas). I think my only reading goal this year is to read the ones I already have in the photo below – no new books until those are read! Oh, and Carrie as it’s one of the few Stephen King books I’ve not read and I love the sound of it after reading Smash’s review on her great Stephen King blog The Kingdom. And maybe Divergent as the movie is coming out & Zoe gave it a decent review on The Sporadic Chronicles Of A Beginner Blogger.

Any other recommendations from anyone?? Actually, no – I won’t have time for any others! Any recommendations on which of the below books I should read first? I’m currently in the middle of Doctor Sleep – That will probably take me three months. 🙂

20140111-032456 pm.jpg

29 thoughts on “My Top (Eight) Books Read In 2013

  1. I wanted to read Joyland but haven’t yet. I’m in the 1st quarter of Doctor Sleep and the book itself is deceiving – very small letters, very big pages – its gonna’ take me a while to finish.

    • Glad I’m not the only one to take ages to read King. ; ) I love him! I’m just a slow reader. Joyland isn’t really a horror novel but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wonderful characters. I do recommend it.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed it – I hope you like it if you read it. : ) I agree – I absolutely love that cover! I think the design of a book cover is extremely important – I love when they get one right. And it does capture the pulp-y feel of the book.

  2. Cool, all seem like very captivating reads. I am really wanting to get to Chbosky’s book myself, The Perks was def among my favorite movies of 2012, and like you said since he directed and wrote, the book must be a very similar experience.

    • It’s one of those where, if someone asked me if they should read it or watch the movie, I’d actually tell them to watch the movie. Very similar but still worth the read if you loved the movie as much as I did. Mainly you learn a lot more about his family. : )

  3. While you may not have done as much reading as movie watching, it looks like you used your time wisely and picked up a lot of great reads! I’m seeing a lot of good reviews for The Fault In Our Stars, I’m wondering if maybe I should put that on my ever growing list of things to read.
    I loved loved loved the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower too! God, it was so good. It just really pulled me in. And I loved the character Patrick and the actor who played him.

    • I know – I hate reading a book after seeing the movie but I had to with Perks as I just LOVED the film so much. Agree – Ezra Miller was great in it, as was Logan Lerman. : ) I’d recommend The Fault In Our Stars – I really liked the characters even though they used really big words (you’d be fine with that because you use big words!) ; )

  4. Yeah I really like Carrie. Plus I am currently reading The Shining at the moment and absolutely loving it. So I will most likely join you in reading Doctor Sleep in 2014.

    • I really should have re-read The Shining before Doctor Sleep as I read it so long ago. But I read too slowly – you’ll probably finish Doctor Sleep before I do. : ) I’ll definitely be reading Carrie this year, especially after I didn’t MIND the (totally pointless & inferior) sequel.

  5. You know, I have been contemplating reading Gone Girl (apparently the film adaption is coming), but I am dreading it seeing as I HATED the last book I read of her. It seems she has a penchant for writing about completely disgusting characters that you will definitely not identify with… wonder if she realises that makes her work hollow?

    Agreed on King! He is my favourite author, too! Carrie is a quick read which I am sure that you will enjoy. The Divergent trilogy is also definitely worth checking out… even if just the first one in time for the film! 😛

    • Hehe. Yeah, the main characters in Gone Girl are SO unlikeable! At least the sister was okay… I’d have loved the book otherwise, I think. I did enjoy the story.

      Yay! Glad I’m not the only King lover! Seems like some people look down on his work. Yes, I do think I’ll try to read that first Divergent thingy at the very least before watching the movie. : )

      • Man, makes me not want to read it but I want to see the film so I must read it… horrible catch 22 situation right there… Well, I will look into it if you say the story itself it alright at least!

        Ah, King is the answer to everything! I have no idea why they would!!! Yeah, it isn’t long or anything, and worth reading, seeing as there is a lot of information, it might be useful to have it prior to watching!

  6. You and I have really similar taste in books! I only manage to read a fair bit because I spend up to 90 mins per day commuting. I only read on the train… which is quite sad.

    • Cool! You’d probably like any on the list that you haven’t read, then. : ) Ugh – I’d hate that commute. I’d certainly read more books if I had a 90 minute commute but I don’t think it would be worth it. : (

  7. Nice call on Joyland – King just makes writing seem so effortless, he has that ability to pull readers in right away.
    From your book stack I’d recommend Gatsby. It’s a polarizing read but I’m a fan, just don’t be surprised if you start calling people ‘old sport’ afterwards!

    • Thanks – I LOVE King. : ) He doesn’t seem to get enough credit for being such an excellent writer!

      It’s funny – everyone has told me that they love Gatsby or HATE it. Which makes me more interested in checking it out! : )

  8. The Outsiders is fantastic. One of the best books I read in high school and the movie is pretty good too 🙂 I’m interested in what you think about Great Gatsby. I wasn’t such a fan but I didn’t hate it either. I just felt it kind of slow. Looking forward to your reviews!

    • Yeah – I know The Outsiders is a classic so I’m not sure why I never read it (OR watched the movie!). So I asked for that one for Xmas. I’ll be doing a Gatsby review for sure! : )

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