My Top Ten Martin Scorsese Movies

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I’m cheating – I was going to do a top ten every Thursday but time is short this week so I’m doing one today as this is quicker than what I really want to do, which is write a review for the brilliant The Wolf Of Wall Street. I’ll try to get to that soon.

In the meantime, here are My Top Ten Movies Directed By Martin Scorsese (Sort Of) counting down from ten. Basically, this is different from my other top tens – this is actually a list of the ONLY Scorsese-directed movies I’ve seen, ranked from least favorite to favorite. That’s right – I’ve not seen Casino (and a lot of other Scorsese classics).

**List updated March 12th 2017 to add The Last Temptation Of Christ & The Color Of Money.

12. Cape Fear
11. The Last Temptation Of Christ


10. Shutter Island
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9. Raging Bull
20140121-084107 pm.jpg

8. The Color Of Money

7. Taxi Driver
20140121-084212 pm.jpg

6. The Aviator
20140121-084236 pm.jpg

5. The King Of Comedy
20140121-084144 pm.jpg

4. The Departed
20140121-084304 pm.jpg

3. Goodfellas
20140121-084356 pm.jpg

2. Hugo
20140121-084330 pm.jpg

1. The Wolf Of Wall Street
20140121-084431 pm.jpg

My hubby will moan at me for doing a “top ten” when I haven’t even seen some of Scorsese’s biggest films. Oh well – I can always amend the list! And if I’m totally honest, I don’t think I’ve seen Taxi Driver all at once from start to finish & barely remember it. I know, I know… It’s my list and I can do what I want!

44 thoughts on “My Top Ten Martin Scorsese Movies

      • You’ve got a lot of catching up to do by me πŸ™‚

        I know you’ve been busy.

        I still haven’t given you a definite answer on a movie for your Hughes blogothon cause I think I’m gonna do a large handful of them (if you don’t mind)

      • I know – I’m replying to comments on here from a week ago then I have to make a start on a MONTH worth of blog reading. :-/ Yours will be first. : )

        That would be great on the Hughes thing! I’d especially love for some of the ones that haven’t been chosen to be done as well (if you’re brave). ; ) I keep meaning to post an update on that – that’ll be today or tomorrow.

      • Let me know which ones you want. I’m VERY brave when it comes to movies. I just finished watching a horror movie this morning on a recommendation (Hated it 😦 tho, review coming later today or tomorrow)

        Just tell me what to watch and by when and I’ll get to work on it!

      • When I post the update, I’ll show which ones haven’t been picked yet. Some are a bit obscure. I’m happy to say that there aren’t TOO many left over from what I remember! : ) I’ll be doing it in March so will ask for reviews by the last day of February. And you can watch ANY you want. : )

  1. I did not realise that Scorsese directed Hugo… and I actually haven’t seen all of these films… and a lot of others he directed. You’re not alone.

    • I know – Hugo is so unlike the stuff he’s most famous for. Loved that movie. Glad you haven’t seen much Scorsese either – I TRY to like his films! I just don’t always…. :-/

  2. You make me think of that classic ’80s song: ‘It’s my list, and I can do what I want to. Do what I want. You would do it if happened to.’

    Anyway, the real point is you make me realize just how little Scorcese I’ve seen. I have some catching up to do. (I will say I was not a big fan of Aviator – thought it was pretty meh.)

    • I should actually watch Taxi Driver again and all the way through from start to finish before I go putting it in lists. ; ) Hugo is an odd one. It’s not about what you may think? I don’t know – I think they kind of kept it a secret at the time. There’s an element to it that reminds me of my favorite foreign film, Cinema Paradiso. I’m not selling this to you, am I…? Lol : )

  3. I loved Hugo! Good choice!
    And while I haven’t watched many Scorcese-directed movies, his George Harrison documentary was absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend watching that movie, if you have around 3.5 hours to spare.

    • Glad you loved Hugo! It’s underrated – I thought it was great. And why am I not surprised that you loved that documentary?? Lol. ; ) I’ve been wanting to see that – will definitely be checking it out someday! : )

  4. My favourite Scorsese is definitely The King of Comedy. Partly because it’s brilliant, partly because most people don’t pay it much attention when discussing his best film — I do like to be contrary. Also, to be frank, I just enjoyed it more than his highly-acclaimed work.

    Not that I’ve seen everything, including Wolf of Wall Street, which did have a mighty enjoyable trailer…

    • It was so long ago that I saw it so I really should watch King Of Comedy & Taxi Driver again. I almost put them the other way around. I remember being surprised by it & thinking it was a lot better than I was expecting. I’d love to know what you think if you see The Wolf Of Wall Street. : )

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  6. Hmm, think I’d have to disagree with some of the placements here. Considering much of the structure of Wall Street copies from Goodfellas, I’d place ‘fellas higher… but that’s personal taste. Agree Raging Bull is a tad overrated. Ones to check out also I’d say: After Hours and Bringing Out The Dead.

    • I’ve wanted to see After Hours for years so I’ll watch that someday. : ) I just really don’t like “gangster” films but have to admit Goodfellas is a good movie so I placed it high. But I definitely enjoyed The Wolf Of Wall Street more. : )

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