My Top Ten Disney Songs

Happy Thursday! These are My Top Ten Disney Songs counting down from ten (Classic Disney – I’m not including Pixar films or The Nightmare Before Christmas):

10. Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

20140213-124920 am.jpg

9. I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio

20140213-125016 am.jpg

8. The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book

20140213-125058 am.jpg

7. Be Our Guest from Beauty And The Beast

20140213-125149 am.jpg

6. Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins

20140213-125216 am.jpg

5. Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty

20140213-125318 am.jpg

4. I Wan’na Be Like You from The Jungle Book

20140213-125411 am.jpg

3. A Spoonful Of Sugar from Mary Poppins

20140213-125506 am.jpg

2. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo from Cinderella

20140213-125533 am.jpg

1. Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat from The Aristocats

20140213-125812 am.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah from Song Of The South

Beauty And The Beast from Beauty And The Beast

The Siamese Cat Song from Lady And The Tramp

Scales And Arpeggios from The Aristocats

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? from Frozen

When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio

Heigh Ho from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Circle Of Life from The Lion King

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins

Whistle While You Work from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Let It Go from Frozen

Belle from Beauty And The Beast

(I’m probably missing loads more! I’ll kick myself for something I’ve left out…)

And I do love the song Belle from Beauty And The Beast but I may prefer this alternate version… (NSFW, btw). The Pretty In Pink line cracks me up EVERY time. And I’ve seen this a lot. πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “My Top Ten Disney Songs

  1. All very good songs. I would definitely have “Do You Want to Build A Snoman” on there. Probably ahead of your number one, actually.

    My personal favorite might be A Spoonful of Sugar.

    • I know Let It Go gets all the attention but I LOVE Do You Want To Build A Snowman. Thought about putting that in the ten. Maybe someday – it has to stand the test of time a bit first. : )

    • Lol. I was waiting for that. ; ) And Aladdin. To be fair, The Circle Of Life should be an honorable mention. You’ve convinced me – I’ll add it! : ) Hakuna Matata is definitely a great song but not a favorite. I don’t like the rest of the songs in The Lion King that much. Great film, though!

      • I think it was the fourth and fifth question marks and exclamation points that sold you.

        I do love I Just Can’t Wait to be King. But it probably isn’t the upper echelon of all of Disney. Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata would be in my book. But then, well, this is your list so you should probably put the ones YOU think deserve to go, haha.

  2. I like your list! I think this is a very hard list to make because there are so many great Disney songs. Love Goes On from Robin Hood is one of my all-time faves.

    And oh man, that song from Dumbo… with his mom. I’m going to start crying just thinking about it. Disney really knew how to tug at the old heartstrings back in the day.

    • Thanks! : ) I know I’ve left A LOT off the list. Oh, Dumbo upsets me every single time! They were so freaking MEAN to him!!! 😦 I love that opening song from Robin Hood. So annoyingly catchy! : )

  3. Oooh what a fun list! I love Be Our Guest and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! I have to admit a lot of my faves are from Disney Princess movies. In fact, you’ve inspired me to do THAT list, so thanks! πŸ˜€

  4. Lovely songs! I’m into newer ones more. I absolutely love Let It Go and Wanna Build a Snowman too. But I would have added Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins, it used to be my favourite when I was kid. From that film.

  5. I saw Frozen with my kids a few months ago and just realized its still in the theaters. The soundtrack is huge! #1 on Billboard charts for almost all of Jan. and half of Feb. I think as Disney branches the film out into different shows, the soundtrack and songs are going to sell even more. The kids love them!

  6. I love Be Our Guest, and also Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. I’d never seen the alternative version of Belle, it’s hilarious. Hey girl! πŸ˜€

  7. Interesting choices – though I can’t say I care for the siamese cat song. But I guess you’re not supposed to like the cats so perhaps the song is effective at reinforcing that!

  8. While these are all great, personally I love a good villain’s song — Gaston and The Mob Song from Beauty and the Beast, Be Prepared from The Lion King, Friends on the Other Side from The Princess and the Frog

    Oh, and Friend Like Me and Prince Ali from Aladdin! And Under the Sea too! (I sense I could go on forever…)

    • Lol! I love the responses I’ve gotten to this post. I knew I had to leave a lot out but knew that would get people talking anyway. There are just SO many great Disney songs. Was hard to narrow it down. : )

    • Thanks! : ) I know I should have included more from The Lion King. There are just too many good songs to choose from! I think my honorable mention Frozen songs will move up the list as time passes. : )

  9. OMG I LOVE BONJOUR GIRL. A coworker and I literally say “Hey girl” all the time to one another solely because of that video. IT’S MY FAVORITE.

    …Also, nice song choices!! Lol. Going for a lot of the classic stuff, I see. Random, but have you ever seen the unnecessary censorship videos they do on Jimmy Kimmel? A fan did one for Frozen, and it is hilarious.

  10. If I missed it in the comments I apologize, but Summer by Olaf needs to be mentioned. Besides Let It Go, thats the best song in Frozen.

    Amazing list, brought back some childhood memories!

  11. My list would look almost like this πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll take one out and put in Bonjour or like something from Aladdin or Lion King or Little Mermaid. You know what? You’re awesome. I wouldn’t be able to put together a top 10 disney songs list..haha

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  13. Nice list. You were right when you said how different your list is :]. The Lion King was my favorite movie as a child, it probably still is today, and the songs from that movie were fantastic in my opinion. I do think the Hunchback of Notre Dame has a really underrated soundtrack though.

    Great list.

    • Oh! Hi! Lol. I should really have a proper look at this list again. πŸ˜‰ Yeah… I was just too old by the time things like Hunchback came along. People definitely like what they grew up with. πŸ™‚

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