My Top Ten Drew Barrymore Movies

Happy Birthday to Drew Barrymore! Drew is one of my favorite actresses. I’m a small town girl from the Midwest and am about the same age as Drew so I basically grew up with her through her movies. It was kind of inevitable that I’d be a fan.

I know it’s Saturday so no one will read this anyway but here are My Top Ten Drew Barrymore Movies, counting down from ten to my favorite. (One is a shocker! Just kidding – it’s totally not). 🙂

10. 50 First Dates
20140222-101946 pm.jpg

9. Firestarter
20140222-102138 pm.jpg

8. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
20140222-102319 pm.jpg

7. Wayne’s World 2
20140222-102521 pm.jpg

6. Never Been Kissed
20140222-102706 pm.jpg

5. Donnie Darko
20140222-102907 pm.jpg

4. Scream
20140222-103036 pm.jpg

3. Whip It
20140222-103410 pm.jpg

2. The Wedding Singer
20140222-103614 pm.jpg

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
20140222-103743 pm.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Altered States
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
Going The Distance
Riding In Cars With Boys
Cat’s Eye
Irreconcilable Differences (I don’t remember this as I was too young but I’m counting it anyway because I vaguely remember liking it) 🙂

**List updated March 12th 2017 to add Blended. I actually liked it far more than I expected! Also updated September 2017 to add Altered States.

44 thoughts on “My Top Ten Drew Barrymore Movies

    • It came SO close to making honorable mentions but I left it out as I didn’t want to hear hubby moan about it again. Lol. It’s called The Perfect Catch in the UK as it’s a remake of the British film Fever Pitch which is a Nick Hornby book about English football, not American baseball. I’d have never heard the end of it if I’d included it! ; ) But I did like it.

      • I also live in a country where Baseball is frowned upon (especially compared to Football (soccer). My kids are HUGE soccer fans and they don’t ‘get’ me and my love for baseball. I never saw the original Fever Pitch, but I loved this one and the final scene always, always makes me cry 🙂

  1. Nice list! I always forget she was in Donnie Darko… I like that one with Steve Zahn – is that on here? I forget the name…

  2. My husband is a little obsessed with her… and I actually don’t mind. The Wedding Singer is definitely my favourite role of hers.

  3. How did I know E.T. would snag the top spot? 😉 Nice list! LOVE Ever After. And I don’t know how, but I completely forgot she’s in Donnie Darko! She’s great in that!

  4. I don’t think I have 10. In no particular order, the ones I’d say I enjoyed are:
    Whip It
    Wayne’s World 2 (Not really fair to include, but you did so I will)
    Riding in Cars with Boys
    Charlie’s Angels
    Poison Ivy (Give me a break, I was a 12yo boy. Might think differently if I watched it today)
    Batman Forever (We’re including cameos, and yeah, that’s right, world, I liked it more than Burton’s)
    The Wedding Singer

    • Lol – To be honest, I didn’t mind Poison Ivy… Even liked her TV movies like The Amy Fisher Story! ; ) Oh, I’m not at all bothered by what you just said about Batman but get ready for replies to that if anyone else reads it! Lol! Thanks for commenting! : ) And I couldn’t leave Wayne’s World out when I worship the first film (the second isn’t great…)

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