John Hughes March Blogathon Reminder – It’s Almost Here!

20140223-021117 am.jpg
Hi everyone! Don’t worry – I’m not here to be all bossy because I’m the WORST person for meeting deadlines. 😉

This is just a reminder to anyone who signed up that I’d ideally like to receive your reviews by this Friday. That way I can plan the month & more easily let you all know what day your reviews will be scheduled. As the first is a Saturday, it’ll officially kick off with the first review on Monday the 3rd but I may start the weekend with other non-review Hughes-related posts of my own.

As I’ve not heard from quite a few who had signed up, I’ll happily take more volunteers! You can see my most updated post HERE showing the films that hadn’t yet been selected plus the full list – you can choose to do ANY that you’d like to do whether others are or not. I’m planning to do 8 myself (yikes – I’ve not even started either!). 😉

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered and those who have sent me their reviews. I’m really looking forward to a whole month of John Hughes on this blog!

**NOTE: One other thing – I haven’t decided for sure yet but I’ll possibly be putting the IMDB Top 250 Guest Reviews on hold for the month of March but you can still continue to send me your reviews for when they’ll resume in April.

19 thoughts on “John Hughes March Blogathon Reminder – It’s Almost Here!

  1. I’m going to try and have 101 done tomorrow! Definitely Friday at the latest!! I’m not really used to doing reviews but will do my best 🙂

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