My Top Ten TV Crushes

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So, I started a huge Crush Craze on WordPress with My Top Ten Movie Crushes HERE. Then Abbi did HER LIST & Zoe did HERS. Then, wow! We had: SCI-FI DRAMA QUEEN, MIKEYB, CRAIG & RGAGNE all join in. Love it! Then I did MY GIRL CRUSHES not knowing Abbi had just done HERS too! Then on Twitter there was talk of doing TV crushes! SCI-FI DRAMA QUEEN, ZOE & ABBI have done their lists. I was finally going to give up as I stick to mainly movies and have watched very little TV in recent years. Well, screw it – I watched LOTS of TV as a kid! So here’s a typical 80’s/90’s sort of list from me with a few actual somewhat recent shows thrown in too (I do watch some!).

**Let me know if I missed anyone who has done a crush list!

Here are My Top Ten TV Crushes counting down from ten:

10. Alasdair Gillis (himself) – You Can’t Do That On Television

20140224-104807 pm.jpg

9. Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) – The Brady Bunch

20140224-104840 pm.jpg

8. John Connor (Thomas Dekker) – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

20140224-104927 pm.jpg

7. Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) – Haven

20140224-104958 pm.jpg

6. The “ugly guy” ( ? ) – The Twilight Zone (episode: Eye Of The Beholder)

20140224-105027 pm.jpg

5. Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) – Star Trek: The Next Generation

20140224-105053 pm.jpg

4. James ‘Sawyer’ Ford (Josh Holloway) – Lost

20140224-105125 pm.jpg

3. Matthew Burton (Jason Bateman) – It’s Your Move

20140224-105152 pm.jpg

2. Ricky Stratton (Ricky Schroder) – Silver Spoons

20140224-105218 pm.jpg

1. Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) – 21 Jump Street

20140224-105255 pm.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) – Highlander
Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) – Lost
Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) – Supernatural
The Doctor (David Tennant) – Doctor Who
Magnum (Tom Selleck) – Magnum PI


24 thoughts on “My Top Ten TV Crushes

  1. Fun list!! I just might do my own Top 10 of this (I’ve got my Top 10 Disney songs list done as well). LOVE that you’ve got Depp on here, he’s my crush too, I mean those cheekbones!! Sawyer from Lost is super hunky, Holloway actually married a girl from my hometown Jakarta, he certainly has good taste, ahahaha.

    • Thanks! Finally catching up on blog comments. Depp was SO gorgeous in 21 Jump Street. It’s a shame he hated being on that show. :-/ I loved it! And Sawyer’s DIMPLES! Soooo lovely. : )

  2. wow! Talk about 80’s nostalgia.

    I use to watch and love all those 80’s shows.

    You Can’t do that on television (I still look up whenever someone says ‘I don’t know’ lookin for green slime)

    It’s your move, ST:TNG and Silver Spoons

    and of course Jump Street!! Yay (actually tried watching it again recently and it isn’t as good as it use to be 😦

  3. Oh, Sawyer. You and your wise cracks. Personally, I was always a little more Team Jack–Sawyer was usually too angsty for my taste. But my favorite will always and forever be Charlie, bless ‘im. Oh and I love that Mr. Tennant and Mr. Ackles both get honorable mentions. YEP. 🙂

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