Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

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For today’s IMDB Top 250 guest review, we have the wonderful Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are AGAIN! That’s right – Abbi has already gone & done two IMDB Top 250 reviews for me (you can read her Kill Bill Vol 1 review HERE). So a huge thanks to Abbi getting these reviews over to me so quickly – I love how enthusiastic she (and lots of you!) has been about this project. 🙂

There are still some movies up for grabs if anyone wants to do a guest IMDB Top 250 review. You can find the list HERE.

Abbi loves Kill Bill – let’s see how she feels about Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, IMDB rank 216 out of 250…

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

On her voyage from England to Port Royal, Jamaica, governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) spots young Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) floating on a piece of wood. When he is brought aboard she notices that he is wearing a gold pirate medallion. Worried that the boy will be tried for piracy she takes the medallion before anyone can see it and keeps it for herself.
Years later Port Royal is flourishing, Will has become a blacksmith and Elizabeth has grown into a beautiful, if not spoiled, young woman, who has caught not only Will’s eye but also that of Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport).
On the day of Norrington’s promotion Elizabeth faints and falls over the side of a cliff into the sea, where she is saved by Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), an infamous pirate known just as much for his terrible reputation as his rather eccentric behaviour. Sparrow is arrested for his efforts but as he languishes in the cells the terrifying pirate crew of The Black Pearl descends on Port Royal, sacking it and kidnapping Elizabeth in the process. Will is distraught and decides reluctantly to turn to the one person he is sure can help him rescue Elizabeth, Captain Jack.
Now the two will set off on a swashbuckling adventure where they’ll have to face off against not only a group of pirates with a disturbing secret but also the pride of the Royal Navy. But can Jack be trusted and is Will really who he thinks he is?
To truly appreciate The Curse of The Black Pearl, you have to try and pretend that you haven’t seen any of the progressively more dire sequels and hark back to a time when Captain Jack was a fresh new character rather than a pitiful, overused, annoying caricature of himself, because essentially, this is the Johnny Depp show. Captain Jack is a brilliant creation – devious, cunning, gorgeous and utterly hilarious… a pirate captain played out like a drug addled rock star. Basically you either want to sleep with Captain Jack or be him or maybe both (how would that work?)
Curse of the Black Pearl looks amazing, is packed with action and provides more than its fair share of laughs making it one of those very rare films that really is perfect for the whole family. If only they had stopped after the first one! 4.5/5 (and really bad eggs)

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They see me rollin. They hate it. Patrollin, tryin to catch me sailing dirty.

45 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

  1. Reblogged this on Where The Wild Things Are and commented:
    I’ve done another guest review for Cinema Parrot Disco’s IMDB Top 250 project. Check out my thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl! And thanks yet again to CPD for all her lovely words. It’s an honour just to take part!

    • Thank YOU for another great review! I’ve loved having all these awesome reviews to post. And I always love your picture captions. : ) As for this film, I agree – I really enjoyed this. Then the sequels came and… Ugh! I finally gave up and didn’t even watch the last one. They were awful. I hate when they take a fun movie like this then have to go & ruin it a bit with inferior sequels. : (

      • I have still got two to go… and I am away this weekend so I am frantically trying to find moments to fit it all in! Lol!

        Apparently there is another sequel coming…

      • Was it more top imdb reviews or Hughes? I’ve totally lost track!! Won’t be posting more imdb guest reviews through March anyway to focus on just the Hughes stuff for a month. If I told you that already, ignore me. I’m not very organized! Lol

      • Agreed! That 2,5 hours that spend with the fourth one was total waste of my time. And it was so hard to stay awake. But for some reason I’m not capable of stop watching in the middle of a movie.

    • I am going away for most of March so I am trying to get through everything before I go!

      It really is a great ride if you just go with it!

  2. Good stuff ladies!!

    I’ll probably get yelled at for this but – what’s so wrong with the second one? (I kind of liked it more than the first if I remember)…?

  3. Fully agreed with you Abbi. I really was surprised by how much I enjoyed this first one. I didn’t really trust Disney at the time to put out a good action flick that was not animated, but they really set the bar high here. A bar that they could apparenlty never reach again. lol

  4. This was a fun flick, despite me not being that amazed by the series as a whole. I do enjoy pirates, but never really got that much into this. Depp was great fun though throughout!

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