My Oscars Picks

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Suppose I better do this before things turn into all John Hughes here for all of March! I’ve chosen what I think WILL win for each and what I WANT to win…

I have NO clue on who’s going to win this year! But watching the Oscars (LIVE, which is allllllll night long as I live in the UK) is always a big thing for me and I always try to choose the winners. I should also point out that this year I’ve chosen a lot of these according to “coolest sounding name” if it’s something I’ve not heard of. 😉

Can’t wait for Sunday night! 🙂

Best Picture

American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
(WANT) Gravity
(WILL) 12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Christian Bale (American Hustle)
Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
(WANT) Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)
(WILL) Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Amy Adams (American Hustle)
(WILL) Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
(WANT) Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
Judi Dench (Philomena)
Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)
(WANT) Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
(WILL) Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
(WILL & WANT) Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
June Squibb (Nebraska)

Best Animated Feature

The Croods (Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco, Kristine Belson)
Despicable Me 2 (Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin, Chris Meledandri)
Ernest & Celestine (Benjamin Renner, Didier Brunner)
(WANT & WILL) Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Peter Del Vecho)
The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki)

Best Cinematography

The Grandmaster (Philippe Le Sourd)
(WANT & WILL) Gravity (Emmanuel Lubezki)
Inside Llewyn Davis (Bruno Delbonnel)
Nebraska (Phedon Papamichael)
Prisoners (Roger A. Deakins)

Best Costume Design

(WILL) American Hustle (Michael Wilkinson)
The Grandmaster (William Chang Suk Ping)
(WANT) The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin)
The Invisible Woman (Michael O’Connor)
12 Years a Slave (Patricia Norris)

Best Directing

American Hustle (David O. Russell)
(WANT & WILL) Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
Nebraska (Alexander Payne)
12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

Best Documentary Feature

(WILL) The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer, Signe Byrge Sørensen)
Cutie and the Boxer (Zachary Heinzerling, Lydia Dean Pilcher)
Dirty Wars (Richard Rowley, Jeremy Scahill)
The Square (Jehane Noujaim, Karim Amer)
(WANT) 20 Feet from Stardom (Nominees to be determined)

Best Documentary Short

CaveDigger (Jeffrey Karoff)
Facing Fear (Jason Cohen)
Karama Has No Walls (Sara Ishaq)
(WANT) The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life (Malcolm Clarke, Nicholas Reed)
(WILL) Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall (Edgar Barens)

Best Film Editing

American Hustle (Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers, Alan Baumgarten)
Captain Phillips (Christopher Rouse)
Dallas Buyers Club (John Mac McMurphy, Martin Pensa)
(WANT & WILL) Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Sanger)
12 Years a Slave (Joe Walker)

Best Foreign Language Film

The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium)
The Great Beauty (Italy)
(WANT & WILL) The Hunt (Denmark)
The Missing Picture (Cambodia)
Omar (Palestine)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Dallas Buyers Club (Adruitha Lee, Robin Mathews)
(WANT) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Stephen Prouty)
(WILL) The Lone Ranger (Joel Harlow, Gloria Pasqua-Casny)

Best Original Score

(WILL) The Book Thief (John Williams)
Gravity (Steven Price)
Her (William Butler, Owen Pallett)
Philomena (Alexandre Desplat)
(WANT) Saving Mr. Banks (Thomas Newman)

Best Original Song
(ALSO WANT!) Happy (Despicable Me 2)
(WILL & WANT) Let It Go (Frozen)
The Moon Song (Her)
Ordinary Love (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom)

Best Production Design

(WILL) American Hustle (Judy Becker, Heather Loeffler)
Gravity (Andy Nicholson, Rosie Goodwin, Joanne Woollard)
The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin, Beverley Dunn)
(WANT) Her (K.K. Barrett, Gene Serdena)
12 Years a Slave (Adam Stockhausen, Alice Baker)

Best Animated Short Film

Feral (Daniel Sousa, Dan Golden)
(WILL & WANT) Get a Horse! (Lauren MacMullan, Dorothy McKim)
Mr. Hublot (Laurent Witz, Alexandre Espigares)
Possessions (Shuhei Morita)
Room on the Broom (Max Lang, Jan Lachauer)

Best Live Action Short Film

Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me) (Esteban Crespo)
(WILL) Avant Que De Tout Perdre (Just Before Losing Everything) (Xavier Legrand, Alexandre Gavras)
Helium (Anders Walter, Kim Magnusson)
(WANT) Pitääkö Mun Kaikki Hoitaa? (Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?) (Selma Vilhunen, Kirsikka Saari)
The Voorman Problem (Mark Gill, Baldwin Li)

Best Sound Editing

(WILL) All Is Lost (Steve Boeddeker, Richard Hymns)
Captain Phillips (Oliver Tarney)
(WANT) Gravity (Glenn Freemantle)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Brent Burge, Chris Ward)
Lone Survivor (Wylie Stateman)

Best Sound Mixing

Captain Phillips (Chris Burdon, Mark Taylor, Mike Prestwood Smith, Chris Munro)
(WANT & WILL) Gravity (Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead, Chris Munro)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Tony Johnson)
Inside Llewyn Davis (Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff, Peter F. Kurland)
Lone Survivor (Andy Koyama, Beau Borders, David Brownlow)

Best Visual Effects

(WILL & WANT) Gravity (Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk, Neil Corbould)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, Eric Reynolds)
Iron Man 3 (Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, Dan Sudick)
The Lone Ranger (Tim Alexander, Gary Brozenich, Edson Williams, John Frazier)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossmann, Burt Dalton)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Before Midnight (Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke)
Captain Phillips (Billy Ray)
(WILL) Philomena (Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope)
12 Years a Slave (John Ridley)
(WANT) The Wolf of Wall Street (Terence Winter)

Best Original Screenplay

American Hustle (Eric Warren Singer, David O. Russell)
Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen)
Dallas Buyers Club (Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack)
(WILL & WANT) Her (Spike Jonze)
Nebraska (Bob Nelson)

My Best Picture Oscar Nominee Reviews from my favorite to least favorite film:

1. The Wolf Of Wall Street
2. Her
3. Gravity
4. Dallas Buyers Club
5. American Hustle
6. Captain Phillips

32 thoughts on “My Oscars Picks

  1. Interesting that you are such a big fan of ‘Gravity’; I personally will have my fingers crossed for ’12 Years a Slave’ (not that it needs any prayers) but I would love to see Bullock winning for her role in ‘Gravity’, thought she was really good.

    • Loved Gravity! Even though it’s my 3rd favorite of those I’ve seen, it’s the type of film I think deserves to get recognized by the Academy. Not seen 12 Years A Slave… I’m sure it’s an excellent film & I should be ashamed to not have seen it. ; ) Maybe on DVD if it wins!

    • Well, it’s my third favorite of those I’ve seen but I think it’s most deserving of the Oscars. : ) But I’d love for Her & Wolf Of Wall Street to get some wins (especially Leo – I’d love that!!). I think Dallas Buyers Club may get both male actor Oscars, though. I’d be okay with that too. : )

  2. We agree on many of the wills. The only major award on which we disagree is Adapted Screenplay – I think 12 Years takes that. No movie wins Best Picture without also winning at least one other major award.

    I also think 12 Years will win either Production Design (not really a major award) or Editing (definitely one of the major awards). If it takes Editing, it will has no shot at Director. If it fails to take Editing and does or does not take Production Design, I think McQueen has an outside chance at delivering the night’s biggest upset. (Why? Historically Best Picture winners tend to get at least two major awards in addition to Picture.)

    • It’s hard to say on 12 Years As Slave as I’ve not seen it but I expect it to get plenty of Oscars. I think this year is fairly unpredictable compared to other years. I just wish there’d be more upsets! It’s more about awarding the people involved more than the actual films or roles these days so I don’t take it all that seriously. Mainly just like watching the stars get all dressed up! : )

      • Strangely, I feel this year is likely to be very predictable. I think we basically know the Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Cinematography winners. We have very good guesses on the Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay and Director awards. Plus, we know Gravity will take most of the technical awards.

        The only major awards that seem in question (to me) are Original Screenplay and Editing.

        But we shall see.

      • Yeah. So will I. I don’t think it the best screenplay of the year (Wadjda is), but I do think it easily the best of the nominees.

  3. Like your picks–I think Leo is going to win as well as Cate Blanchett. I agree with Best Director. Best film? I really don’t have a gut instinct. But I think your guess is as good as mine! 🙂

    • I think this year is quite unpredictable! You think Leo will win?? I don’t think he will but I’d SO love to see him get it! : ) He’s long overdue & I think he’s fantastic in Wolf Of Wall Street. I kind of wish something totally unexpected like Her would win best picture (but know that never happens). : )

      • That’s precisely why I think Leo will win–it’s his turn–he’s been passed over too many times and he’s too marketable not to give him one–I do believe it’s about selling yourself. That’s not to say that Matthew M. or others aren’t deserving. I just think it’s Leo’s time. If I had money, I’d place a bet 😉

    • I think I’ll probably get the least right ever. ; ) I really just picked some according to the names of them. Too lazy to research anything this year! At least there are actually some good Best Picture nominees. : )

    • Thanks! I’m really SO completely clueless this year. I do think Lawrence may win and I like her a lot but don’t actually think that role deserves it. I admit I’d be happy for her to win, though, because I like her overall. : )

  4. Great list T9M

    I also watch it live every year. (it starts at 330am for me), but I take vacation from work afterwards. 🙂

    I think Gravity is the best overall film and hope it beats 12 years, but I doubt it. I’ll have my predictions up in a few hours.

  5. You absolute maverick! These seem like some pretty solid predictions. I wussed out myself and went for an Oscar review round up, i’d be honored if you’d check it out and gimme your thoughts.

  6. I just posted my predictions last night & glad we agree that we want Gravity to win! I was pulling for Sandra before I saw Cate on Blue Jasmine, though I LOVE both I think Cate’s performance was absolutely phenomenal. I’d be happy if Sandra win though, I’ve always loved her. I sure hope you’re right about The Hunt, I’m rooting for that one all the way!!

    • I really do hope Gravity wins – I think it’s deserving & would love to see it rewarded. On The Hunt… Lol- I’ve not seen it! Just seen SO many bloggers review it & they all thought it was great. : )

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