The Breakfast Club (1985) Guest Review

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And he’s back for more! Today for the John Hughes Blogathon, we have another review from my buddy Eric of The IPC. Seriously – thanks for everything, Eric! Let’s see if he liked The Breakfast Club as much as Weird Science. 🙂



On my site, I usually try and steer clear of the more mainstream movies – especially the big popular ones that everyone’s seen and / or already written about. Mainly because what can I say that already hasn’t been said and also because you good people already wrote about it and did it better than I could. When Mrs. Disco popped up going on about a John Hughes blogathon I was all “ehhhhhhhhhh you know I like you but…..” and then she convinced me to watch Weird Science (again) and The Breakfast Club (and something else) that I hadn’t seen. “You’re OLD and you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club????” You ask – and the answer is NOPE. In 1985 I was into Star Trek and Star Wars and the Halloween movies and that sort of shit. Not some pop cultury bullshit about a bunch of teenagers I would never like with a soundtrack of a bunch of music I hated. And then it got all popular and it was a big hit and that drove me even farther away from it so I’d never seen it until today.

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So… did I like the big 80s pop cultury John Hughes hit?? Honestly?? Not really. I mean – this Judd Nelson character is the epitome of someone I HATE. And this teacher character is a total dumbass. And Anthony Michael Hall – he’s that smart-dumb? And Ally Sheedy doesn’t talk? She only squeaks? Did he really just light his fucking SHOE on fire to smoke a cigarette in school?? Did he just really hide a boner under his snow hat?? Did he just say something “pumps his nads”?? Who the fuck are these kids??? What’s with all the fucking whistling???? Why did she waste a perfectly good slice of olive loaf???????? What kind of high school is this? My high school wasn’t like this…

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I like how there’s a big Scooby Doo chase scene through the halls of the school… Oh well – I can totally understand why people like this but this isn’t my kind of movie – never has been. I mean – it’s a good movie and all of that and better than a lot of shit that I watch but, it’s just not my thing and now I have that Simple Minds song going through my head. I’m not regretting it or anything but give me some nut stomping, head bashing horror movies any day! Thanks for letting me play along, Disco Mutant!!

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**I actually met up with Eric in his local Target store yesterday as he told me he had some bad news he needed to deliver to me in person. Anyway, here we are:

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Congratulations to the lovely Cara over at Silver Screen Serenade on being crowned the Shitfest 2014: Winter Champion! Great job Eric, Cara & everyone else who was involved in the now famous Shitfest. Can’t wait for the next one – it’s always shitloads of fun. 🙂

84 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club (1985) Guest Review

  1. sorry that this was so torturous for you Eric. I also was into Star Wars and Star Trek when this came out, but I’m a lemming and just followed the crowd 🙂 and have always loved this one!

  2. Thanks again for watching this one, Eric. I knew you’d feel this way about it. But, hey – at least one other Hughes film surprised you & ended up not being a horrible experience for you… ; ) You’re the best! *HUG!*

    • THANK YOU!!!! I know these blogathons can be a lot of work but you’re doing great!!

      And – for the record it’s TWO that I’ve liked : )

      *hugs to you!!*

  3. “In 1985 I was into Star Trek and Star Wars and the Halloween movies…” NEVER a bad thing to have been interested in!

    Excellent review Eric… not sure if I will ever get to this.

  4. Gotta agree here, man. I reckon this is vastly overrated and I didn’t care for any of the characters or actors. Judd Nelson’s an asshole. It’s no wonder he doesn’t get work anymore.

  5. Thanks for having me over for this!! Sorry I didn’t like it!!

    I’m loving the snapshot you got of us in the Target. You can tell I’m doing EVERYTHING to not look down your shirt….

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  7. Bummer! Sorry Eric–just not enough boobs and blood for you in this one. 😉 I hope the next Hughes one wins you over!! And Mutant, thanks so much for the shoutout!! Your Shitfest review was excellent, lady. Personally, I think we’re all winners. 😀 Cannot WAIT for the next Shitfest. Dark Cara is eager to write dark things again…mwahaha.

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