Final Week For The John Hughes Blogathon… And Beyond!

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Thanks again to all of you who have joined in on this blogathon by writing guest reviews but also those who have stopped by & commented on all the posts. I really appreciate it. 🙂

You can find the links to every John Hughes review HERE.

This will run through the 31st & then things will be back to normal April 1st. I’m hoping all you awesome new followers will still stick around (and that the others who have disappeared will come back! Where are you??? Lol. Come baaaaack!). 😉

I’m waiting for a few more reviews still (not talking to you, Eric & Rob!). If you think you won’t be able to finish them, that’s okay! Just let me know and I may try to review them myself. By the time this finishes, all but the two most obscure John Hughes movies should be reviewed. I may try to track those down later on as I’ll be SO close to having a review for every movie & I’m a bit of a completist. Wow. I never expected such a response!

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I’ll be starting up posting the guest reviews for the IMDB Top 250 Challenge again starting the week of April 7th. These will probably be on Tuesdays & Thursdays to start with while I try to get back to writing my own reviews, which I’ve been very lazy about! I’ll e-mail all of you in April to give you the specific day yours will be posted. I’ve received a lot! Thanks, everyone. 🙂

FYI: If anyone cares, I haven’t exactly stopped watching non-Hughes movies for the past month! I’m itching to post my reviews for the movies I went to:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (okay – will be seeing it this week. can’t wait!!!)
The Zero Theorem
Moshi Monsters: The Movie

And some odd ones watched at home:

Night Of The Creeps
Red Dawn (2012)

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And I’m planning another blogathon (on a much smaller scale). I’m taking a looooong break, though – I won’t be doing it until September so I’m not going to exactly ask anyone to volunteer yet! But I’d like to know if anyone would be interested or not. How do people feel about another “Johnathon” & reviewing the movies of John Carpenter? 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Final Week For The John Hughes Blogathon… And Beyond!

  1. Apologies for not gracing these shores too much recently, I’m struggling to keep up with all the Hughes love! But I’m still around and enjoying what I’ve been reading. And I’d definitely be interested in a Carpenter blogathon, that’d be awesome!

    • Haha – I know what you mean. Let’s see… This post is from a week & a half ago & I’m only now replying to the comments – I really couldn’t keep up with all the Hughes love! ; ) That would be great if you want to join in on a John Carpenter one! I now know to do a blogathon on a much smaller scale. And not posting my usual stuff was really difficult for a month! So I’d continue to post other stuff. Will email you soon on the date for your IMDB review. : ) Come back! I promise to not post a million things a day anymore! Lol

    • I know. Can’t wait! The John Carpenter blogathon will be on a MUCH smaller scale. And a limit of reviews per person. So I hope you get the one you really want… ; )

      • Lol. Yes. But we have to make it look like I’m not playing favorites so we’ll pretend you asked for it the second after I post about it in August. Ha! (I’ve not seen that so I’ll do it too because the plan for this one is for me to do as many as I can) : )

  2. Sorry, I was going to do European Vacation, but I haven’t had much time recently. However I did read someone else’s review of the movie so I know that it wasn’t ignored. I would have probably regarded it in a more favourable light but…

    • At first I thought you meant Molly Ringwald! Lol. You mean the girl in the picture I posted? Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem. ; ) I’ll post a review soonish… That’d be great if you’d want to do a Carpenter review. : )

  3. I go along with a Carpenter blogathon. And my offer to review more Hughes, if you need me to, still stands. Just let me know what you’re missing.

    Oh and I look forward to reading all of those reviews you’ve got coming. 🙂

  4. You know me! I’m down for anything as I expand my knowledge of films 😉 You want John Carpenter, I’m in! 🙂 This was totally fun! Although I am slightly behind with reading everything but I’m working hard on catching up.

  5. Captain Americaaaaa!!! Jealoussss!!! We don’t get it until the 4th. 😦 I can’t wait to see your review! Also, I have not forgotten about my Top 250 promises!! I will watch them and get them to you soon–pinky swear! 🙂 GO JOHN HUGHES BLOGATHON GO!!!

    • Reaaaaalllllly? The UK gets a movie first?? Woohoo! Wish I could review it right away but have to wait until after blogathon. I’ll have it ready to post on the 1st! : ) No rush on the IMDB things – there’s no deadline at all. I do have my five “fools” chosen – just have to type it all up for ya! : )

      • Of all movies, I do not understand how Captain AMERICA winds up in the UK first. But whatever. I’m not bitter. 😛 And yaaayyyy! I can’t wait to see your choices!

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