Happy Birthday, Breakfast Clubbers!

20140324-104109 pm.jpg

The Breakfast Club met for detention on this day 30 years ago. Where do you think each character would be now….?

20140324-104635 pm.jpg

Poster by Paul Mastriani – link here: Lure Design Inc

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Breakfast Clubbers!

  1. It’s interesting looking at them as an assortment of visually different characters. None of them are stereotypically good looking, where as if they did a remake now, I think that they would all look far less individual. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars recently (God knows why. I am a straight man, what is wrong with me?) and I can’t tell the difference between any of the male characters, they pretty much all fall into the same researched demographic of what I’m guessing teenage girls find attractive these days.

  2. Judd’s character would be dead in a ditch, Estevez would be running for congress and having an affair with his teenage male intern, Sheedy would be running a Psychic Reading Store in New Orleans, RIngwald would be stalking me and Hall would be a Truck Stop hooker.

    How was that??

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