Uncle Buck (1989) Guest Review

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This review for the John Hughes Blogathon comes, once again, from my BFF Eric of The IPC (although I’m thinking of finding a new BFF after this review. any takers??). πŸ˜‰ Kidding, Eric! Thanks again for agreeing to watch all these movies that don’t contain blood or guts or (many) boobs! Now let’s read Eric’s thoughts on Uncle Buck… πŸ™‚ 😦

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In the story of my life, one thing is certainly true: it never fails that I’ll be sitting somewhere, minding my own business, trying to do a good job and not bother anyone and I’ll get yelled at… Whether I was a kid sitting all alone in my room reading comics or playing with my toys, unsuspectingly, my mom would bust into my room and scream at me for something I didn’t know or remember that I did. Or when the co-worker across the hall gets mat at people on HER team – I get yelled at. Or old girlfriends… I’d just be sitting there, watching TV or something and BLAMMO!!! Screamed at. I’ve never understood. “Why do you bother us with this bullshit again, Isaacs???” you scream. Because, just this morning, I was sitting here in my office, eating some cantaloupe from the Hippie grocery store I go to now when I got this email from Cinema Parrot Disco. (The replies are clipped to take up less space).

IPC: Uhhhh… oh shit!! I forgot!! I totally suck!
IPC: Um, well, I can tr-
IPC: I’ll do m-
IPC: What ar-

Of course, that didn’t happen…. right…. right…..


So I rented it up and dodged some meetings and gave it a watch. Now – I’ve seen this before, when it came out in the theater and I remember it being funny so I had high hopes. Oh yeah – who hasn’t seen this? There’s no point in going into a deep plot synopsis because everyone knows about this one. A loud, obnoxious, unemployed fat dude goes to babysit his brother’s kids when he has to go out of town unexpectedly. Hilarity and hi-jinks ensue!! Right?? Right??

20140327-103044 pm.jpg

I started it up and was not really enjoying the 1989-ness of it. The dialogue was kind of dopey and forced and the clothing and hairdos…. UGH. Oh – and McCauley Culkin…

And then… at around 30 minutes in, I started to get really bored… so I kind of stopped watching and just did some listening and twirled around in my chair looking for something in my office to entertain me…

20140327-103141 pm.jpg

Not there….

20140327-103217 pm.jpg

Nope… so then I started taking notes in case I got too bored and might forget what the hell was going on.

20140327-103334 pm.jpg

And then that got boring so I made one last note, went outside for some fresh air and then came back resolved to finish this fucker.

20140327-103418 pm.jpg

And finish it I did. And I don’t think I laughed once. Not even the Uncle Buck dancing part. The two youngest kids were too sappy and honey drippy cutesy, Uncle Buck was an obnoxious burden of a man, I HATED the teenager, I hated “Bug” and I hated the big warm’n-happy ending. I was slightly amused again when he had to go piss at the elementary school and he was to big for the urinals but that passed quickly. I think I liked this about as much as Zoe liked Ferris… which is Not Much. It’s not SHITFEST worthy but…. YEESH what a bore. Oh well….

Internet hugs!!




P.S. In the opening, if you can’t read my shitty handwriting… WHY was the dog in the closed clothes dryer when the kids got home from school???? Is that where he sleeps during the day?? Does he see the kids off to school and then slip into the laundry room, open the dryer with his finger and thumb and then close it when he’s in???

Also – if Uncle Buck has to microwave Maizy’s socks because he can’t open the washing machine… couldn’t he just stick them in the dryer?? Even the dog can open the dryer.

P.P.S. In that scene where Culkin is looking through the mail slot trying to see who’s ringing the bell and he sees those three dudes looking back at him. Is that supposed to be some reference to or foreshadowing for that Home Alone movie?

58 thoughts on “Uncle Buck (1989) Guest Review

  1. When I saw that this was being posted, I said to myself “hey..self, it’s been a lot while since I saw this, maybe I should watch it again.”

    but after reading this reviews, I said “hey, if Eric doesn’t like it in the same way he did when he was younger, maybe I also wont like it and will just ruin good memories of a sucky movie”

    so thanks Eric for the chance to talk to myself twice within minutes and add to my mind the debate over whether to re-watch this one or not.


  2. Well if you didn’t like the movie, then that’s fine. I’m just glad you didn’t trash my main man, John Candy. I was a little worried we were going to go down that road, you and I… that road where I get UNBEARABLY ANGRY AND SHOUT AT THE IPC FOR SOMETHING HE DID BUT DOESN’T REALIZE WHAT IT IS… but we didn’t have to go there at all. And it was nice.
    Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

    • Apparently I already swore at him anyway. And I like how I was able to rhyme in my anger! Lol! We’ve had words – He doesn’t actually hate John Candy. We’ll let him off the hook. ; ) He did like Planes Trains & Automobiles! I think… He seemed a little confused in that review….

      (You know we love you, Eric!) #eHugs

    • If I ever caused friction between you and me, Smash – I would… well… I’d… I DON’T KNOW!!!! But I’d be driving to Canada to make things right!!!

  3. “Ever heard of a ritual killing? hehehe!” – Uncle Buck

    Sorry you didn’t dig this one, Eric. I LOVE Uncle Buck. Shit, I laugh my ass off every time I watch it. I revisit it with my wife and my kids at least once a year. I know the characters can rub some the wrong way but I feel that is what we are to feel about them in order for their arc to progress and change.

    Hughes excelled at that. He loved exploring broody teens and how they could really act like jerks But this was Candy’s show all the way! One of my fav JH movie hands down. Good work on the post, guy!

    • I understand that – I think maybe I saw this so long ago and have heard the same jokes for twenty years so I was just… bored… but —–> to be sure – I SUCK!!!!

      THANKS VIC!!!

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