My Top Five April Fools

20140413-025614 pm.jpg

The beautiful Cara over at Silver Screen Serenade is doing a really fun series called “April Fools” in which we all discuss our favorite lovable idiots from films and/or television. Go have a look at all the great entries so far! You can see my list of My Top Five April Fools HERE. Thanks, Cara! 🙂

And speaking of lovable idiots, I never mentioned that I also took part in Eric’s epic post about the, um, *wonderful* television show True Detective over at The IPC. A bunch of great people got together & talked about how much they love that damn show. Read all about it HERE (but maybe skip my bit if you really love the show – I’ve had enough abuse!). 😉

And here’s a photo of Garrett Hedlund for no reason whatsoever:

20140413-030113 pm.jpg

Oh! And I almost forgot – I did some bitching once again at the blog I call by its shorter title because I’m lazy: Don’t Sit By Me Ahole. Read about annoying couriers HERE and let the lovely Eric above know if you’d like to contribute to this fantastic blog. 🙂

17 thoughts on “My Top Five April Fools

      • I did see Troy at the time but don’t remember him in it. Was he pretty young?? Never thought to look at his age! Now I feel like a dirty old woman… ! Lol (Just looked him up. He’s 29. I think that’s okay…) ; )

      • He was pretty young. He played Patroclus. Although in the film they played him as a younger relative when everyone basically knows he was Achilles’ boyfriend. But I digress. I am not sure how old you are but I mean 29 is pretty much an adult in man years, right?

      • He probably has all his pubes though by now so it’s okay. Was that too much? Am I starting to sound like Eric?

  1. Yaaaayyyy! Your list turned out splendidly, m’lady. Thank you so much for contributing! And thanks for the pretty man picture. 😉 But what’s going on above?? Why are Mikey and Eric having a spat?? CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!

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