See The Cast Of Say Anything Then And Now

20140418-091957 am.jpg

Yep – I LOVE Say Anything. I know I’m getting to be totally predictable and anyone who knows me & the age I am will have guessed that I love Say Anything. Like Jake Ryan, the sweet & perfect Lloyd Dobler also ruined boyfriends for me for life. The movie is now 25 years old (man I feel old!). Here are some “then & now” photos of the cast. You can see these and more here: ScreenCrush.

John Cusack

20140418-092600 am.jpg
Ione Skye (Donovan’s daughter! I love Donovan…)

20140418-092614 am.jpg
Lili Taylor

20140418-092622 am.jpg

(I’ve always loved Lili Taylor, especially in Say Anything. Loved seeing her in the actually-very-good-horror-movie The Conjuring! I reviewed that HERE).

24 thoughts on “See The Cast Of Say Anything Then And Now

  1. “Both. I am complete. I’m dumping Eric for you. Of course, he just broke up with me… I’ll let him think that was HIS decision. ; )”



  2. I’m so behind on my blogs gf!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad I just saw this. I freaking love this movie and totally ruined me for bfs as well. I was going to post a Say Anything peep pic yesterday too on Twitter! Totally gonna send to you right now.

    • Lol. Soooo behind on replies!!! Not surprised you loved Say Anything too – we seem to love all the same movies from that era. : ) That peeps pic on Twitter was hilarious, btw! Lol. *sigh* Lloyd Dobler….

      • Yes I know! We like all the same 80’s stuff, we are nostalgic for sure. Funny you mentioned this movie, I tried to get my little sister to watch it again on Saturday but she refused me. lol

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